The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1271

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1271 – Meanwhile, at the Mental Cultivation Hall in the New World Palace.

The New World Emperor would usually rest at the Mental Cultivation Hall-it was luxurious and grand!

At that moment, the New World Emperor sat on his bed with a darkened expression. The eunuchs next to him were in fear; they did not dare let out even a single breath.

The entire Mental Cultivation Hall was enveloped in a depressing atmosphere.

Yvette Lane stood there quietly; she was worried.

Ever since she returned from the North Moana continent, the first thing Yvette did was to see her father, the Emperor. When she saw her father’s expression, she knew that he was still mad! After all, she had rescued Darryl when he had caused an uproar in the palace.

Yvette sighed silently as she walked forward. Then she said gently, “Father Emperor, I am back!”

“Hmm!” The New World Emperor did not have any expression on his face. He looked at Yvette and said faintly, “I didn’t think that you’d come back here?”

It was apparent that he had tried to suppress his anger forcefully when he said that.

He had spoiled his daughter since she was young; it was probably the reason for her boldness. She even dared to rescue Darryl so publicly.

The Emperor got even more furious when he thought about Darryl! He had been an emperor for so many years; that was the first time someone had nearly k****d him! He wanted to slice Darryl to d***h!

“Father Emperor!” Yvette forced a smile as she walked forward. She said coquettishly, “I’m sorry, Father Emperor, please don’t be mad. I know I should not have done that previously, but I can’t let Darryl d*e.”


When he heard that, the Emperor slammed his hand on the dragon throne before he pushed his daughter away. He reprimanded her. “You still dare to mention Darryl’s name? He k****d your fiance, Sawyer Yates, and the Country Secretary! He was wild and violent, and he underestimated my royal authority! It’s one thing not to k**l him, it’s a not her to save him so publicly!”

The New World Emperor glared at Yvette with fire in his eyes. “You’re the princess! Not only did you embarrass the royal family, but you also rescued the enemy. Tell me, how should I punish you?”


Yvette trembled and immediately knelt. “Father Emperor. I know that I’m wrong. If you want to punish me, just sentence me to d***h!”


The New World Emperor trembled when his daughter submitted to punishment so readily. “You want punishment? Very well! You think that I won’t k**l you. You’re right; I won’t. But from today onward, you are not allowed to step one foot out of the palace!”

The New World Emperor glared at Yvette seriously as he asked coldly, “Tell me the truth. Have you fallen for Darryl?”

“Father Emperor, I-” Yvette shuddered with a blush. She lowered her head and replied, “No-“

“No?” When he heard that, the New World Emperor took a deep breath and chuckled. “Yvette, you’re my favorite daughter; how would I not know what was in your mind? If you do not like Darryl, why did you save him? I mentioned him, and you blushed. Why do I have such an unworthy daughter like you?”

As she felt his gaze on her, Yvette’s face grew hot, and she was suddenly speechless!

“I don’t care how important Darryl is to you,” the New World Emperor said coldly. “Are you two together? Impossible! Give up on him while you still have the chance!”

Ten years ago, the New World Army had invaded the World Universe, but they had failed because of Darryl Darby!

Ten years later, Darryl single-handedly k****d his way into the New World Palace, destroying the New World Royals’ reputation!

Darryl was the New World’s enemy! So, no matter what, his daughter could never be with Darryl!

The New World Emperor looked determined. He continued to say coldly, “I have already decided. I’ll hold a martial arts tournament in three months, and I shall choose a husband for you—someone from the Nine Mainlands! The winner of that tournament shall be your husband.”