The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1269

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1269 – It was an embarrassment!

More importantly, she was pure and chaste! She never had such close contact with another man! Even if Ambrose was still a kid, he was still a member of the opposite s*x!

The more she thought about that, the angrier Ophelia got. She continued to yell, “Stop! Stop it at once!”

Ambrose was annoyed by her shouts. He said curtly, “Why are you yelling? I only want the Seven Exquisite Elixir. I have no interest in you!”

“You-” Ophelia’s beautiful face flushed violently. She was so angry that she could explode!

She did not expect that a kid like him would say such words! He had used such an old-fashioned tone that it was as if he was a little adult!

What made Ophelia angrier was that she was considered a goddess in the world of cultivators. She had thousands of secret admirers, yet the kid had brushed her off with an I-have-no-interest-in-you tone?

It was such a humiliation!

“If you dare to touch me once more, I’ll break your limbs!” Ophelia yelled with a flushed face.

Ambrose took a deep breath as he sized her up.

She was in a long, purple dress. Even though she wore a more demure-like dress because she was the host for the Elixir Competition that day, it still did not hide her alluring figure.

Even though Ambrose was only about ten years old, he knew a thing or two about things between a man and a woman. He laughed. “Why don’t you just tell me directly-where did you hide the Seven Exquisite Elixir? I’ll take it, and you don’t have to suffer all these humiliations anymore.”

“You—” Ophelia gritted her teeth; she seethed and loathed, yet she was speechless!

Ambrose was right; if she told him where the elixir was, she would not have to worry about the body search anymore!

However, she was the person in charge of the Elixir Competition. If the elixirs produced by the contestants went missing, it would badly ruin the Elixir Association’s reputation.

Since she decided to keep her mouth shut, Ambrose shook his head and sighed. Then, he started to search her body again.

However, he did not find the elixir. He did find a piece of a jade pendant on Ophelia’s waist, though. To be more accurate, it was not a whole piece of a jade pendant; there was only a half piece of it!

It was an exquisite half-piece of the jade pendant. Adragon and phoenix were carved on it, and it looked extremely regal!

“You! Return that jade pendant to me!” Ophelia yelled.

Her expressions changed; she was shocked and angry at the same time.

Ophelia was an orphan. The Elixir Association had adopted her since she was young. Since she was young, she had had that piece of jade; it must have been given to her by her biological parents.

Ophelia did not know who her biological parents were, but she had carried that pendant since birth.

All those years, she had searched for news of her biological parents with that jade pendant, but to no avail. No one had recognized it.

At that moment, Ambrose held onto the jade pendant. He froze and went into deep contemplation.

‘Hmm? This jade pendant looks familiar; where have I seen it before?’

Yes! His eyes flashed brightly. Seven years ago, the New World Emperor had condemned him and sent him to j**l. Then, Auntie Yvette had saved him from p****n. He escaped with Yvette to a broken temple, and that night, he had fallen asleep in Yvette’s arms. Ambrose remembered that Yvette also had half a piece of a jade pendant!

As he thought about that, he was sure that Ophelia’s jade pendant was the exact same as Yvette’s-no matter the material or the carving style!

Yvette Lane, Ophelia Lane…

Why did those two names sound so similar?