The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1268

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1268 – Megan laughed lightly as she replied to Ambrose. “Don’t worry. Once the Elixir Competition ends, I’ll help you get Ophelia Lane to the resting lounge. Then you find a way to seal her acupoints and take the Seven Exquisite Elixir from her. But don’t forget, you still owe me three conditions!”

“Hmm!” Ambrose nodded. His eyes were on the Seven Exquisite Elixir in Ophelia’s hands. He was extremely excited. If he had the elixir, he could cure his master, Matteo Hanson’s injuries.

Half an hour later, the Elixir Competition had finally ended.

Once it ended, Megan immediately stood up and walked toward Ophelia Lane. She smiled and said, “Chairlady Lane, there is something I’d like to speak with you in private.”

Ophelia Lane was Jiangnan Elixir Association’s Chairlady. She was always in Donghai City, so naturally, she was one of Megan’s old acquaintances.

At that moment, Ophelia did not think much about that request. She nodded. ” In private? Sure. Where should we go?”

“Let’s go to the Emei Sect’s resting lounge,” Megan said as she smiled. Then, she led Ophelia toward the resting lounge.

Every sect that attended the Elixir Competition had their own resting lounge. At that moment, Megan led Ophelia to the Emei Sect’s resting lounge. Other than the sect’s disciples, no one else was allowed to enter the lounge.

The resting lounge was simple; it had only a few sofas and beds.

Once they entered the resting lounge, Ophelia looked at Megan and smiled.” Master Castello, how can I help you? Why so mysterious?”

Megan smiled. “I have not seen you in a while, so I wanted to chat with you.”

Just as she said that, a small boy opened the door and ran into the room. It was Ambrose!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Ambrose lifted his hands and jabbed Ophelia’s acupoints swiftly.


Ophelia would never dream that someone would sneak up on her. At that moment, she could barely react when the boy attacked her. She trembled she could not move her body at all.

Megan looked at Ophelia and smiled. “Chairlady Lane, the kid who sealed your acupoints, is Ambrose Darby. He’s not here to harm you. He only wanted something that you have!”

“What is it?” Ophelia asked anxiously.

Megan did not answer, but she looked at Ambrose and said, “I’ve helped you; the rest is up to you. I’ll head out to keep watch in case someone comes in!” Then, Megan turned and left!

At that moment, it was only Ophelia, and Ambrose left in the resting lounge.

“Hey!” Ophelia snapped back to her senses. She turned to Ambrose and said, ” Little Kid, how dare you a****k me? Do you know who I am? Let me go, and I will forget about this!”

“I’m so sorry; I cannot let you go at the moment!” Ambrose smiled and approached Ophelia. He sized her up as he looked at her alluring curves. ” Where is the Seven Exquisite Elixir?”

‘What? He wants the Seven Exquisite Elixir?’

When she heard that, Ophelia reprimanded him. “A contestant had just made the Seven Exquisite Elixir, so how could I give it to you?”

It was as if Ambrose did not hear her. He scratched his head and muttered to himself. “I’ll just search you for it. Why should I bother with asking you?”

Then, he stretched out his hands and started to search Ophelia’s body.


Ophelia blushed; she was embarrassed and angry at the same time. She trembled. “Stop! Stop it now!”

She was the Jiangnan Elixir Association’s Chairlady, a famous person in the world of cultivators! Yet, at that moment, a young kid had searched her body!