The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1265

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1265 – William’s gaze danced as he laughed out loud. “I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you. In short, it was all thanks to Lily that the Lyndon family was ruined! Therefore, I took the money you got from selling your villa. It’s your retribution!”


Lily could not take it anymore. She trembled when she turned to William and said coldly, “You conned my money; aren’t you afraid to go to j**l?”

William looked pleased as he said leisurely, “Did you say I cheated? You gave it to me willingly. The last few paragraphs of this agreement clearly stated it. You just signed it!”

William shook the agreement in his hand with a sinister expression.


Lily’s body trembled; she felt weak. Suddenly, she slumped in her chair; she was utterly speechless.

Lily regretted that she did not look at the agreement closely as she was too eager to get the medicine.

It was like the saying-a d******g man would catch at straws!

Samantha was also dumbfounded. It was an obvious situation. After Lily signed the agreement, the 50 million bucks had belonged to William. Even if Lily tried to sue him, it would be difficult to recover the money!

How could that be?

William’s expression was icy when he looked at Lily with a menacing smile. ” From now on, whatever you’ve done to the Lyndon family is finally written off, Lily. If you are not happy, you can sue me, but I would advise you to give up that thought. If my guess is right, you don’t even have the money to hire a lawyer now.” Then, he laughed.

Then, William left with a big smile on his face.


Lily was so angry that she almost fainted. She fell back in her chair.

“William, you b*****d! You won’t end well!” Samantha shook as tears streamed down her cheek.

Their villa and money were all gone.

How would they continue to live?

“Mom! Don’t be angry. It’s my fault; I trusted people too easily,” Lily said guiltily as she bit her lips.

Samantha sighed; she shook her head and smiled bitterly. “I don’t blame you. I ‘m just thinking about our next step for our future.”

Lily took a deep breath as she stared at the familiar street outside. Then she said softly, “Let’s leave Donghai City and start a new life somewhere else.”

Lily was expressionless when she said that.

She was used to the disappointment after Darryl did not turn up for their seven -year agreement!

She had sold her villa, but she lost all her money to a scam-she had almost nothing left to her name. She no longer wanted to stay in Donghai City.

Lily only wanted to leave the place that had broken her heart.


Meanwhile, at the Mid Heaven Plaza in Mid City.

Mid Heaven Plaza was the largest plaza in Mid City. It was located in the center of the city.

It was nearly 100,000 square feet, more than ten times larger than Neptune Square in Donghai City.

The weather was great that day; the sun shone brightly. Crowds had also gathered near the Mid Heaven Plaza.

It was not bad!

The Elixir Association’s Elixir Competition was held in Mid Heaven Plaza. Elixir masters from all over the World Universe continent were there to participate in the competition. It was an unprecedented large-scale event!

The competition not only attracted the attention of various sects in the martial arts community, but many other clans and ordinary people were there to spectate the excitement too! It had caused a huge sensation throughout the entire continent!

A huge elixir battle stage had been set up in the center of the plaza, and there were many flags from various sects around the stage.

Some of those flags were from the Shaolin Sect, the Wudang Sect, and the Xiaoyao Sect.

Suddenly, about a dozen women slowly entered from outside the plaza-they were in white dresses, and they looked indescribably beautiful and elegant!

They were the Emei Sect disciples!

Their new Sect Master, Megan, led the group!