The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 126

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 126 – ’To dodge or not to dodge, that was the question!’

In the fraction of a second, Darryl decisively chose the latter.

As Megan exclaimed, she noticed the female student. Suddenly, her heart quivered.

He… was willing to take the bullets for someone irrelevant.

Megan gave Darryl a strange gaze.

Thoughts were spinning in Megan’s mind when the camouflaged man pulled the trigger.


Accompanied by a shocking sound, Darryl’s body fell backward and blood shot out from his left shoulder.

Darryl took in a sharp inhale when the pain attacked him! However, he gritted his teeth to stop him from making any sound. He retreated a few steps back and had his eyes fixed on the camouflaged man, he cracked a smile. “Your gun skill is not that good.”

While talking, Darryl tore a piece of cloth from his body and quickly wrapped it over his wound.

The entire lobby of the bank was d**d silent.

Those people who were lying on the ground had their mouths agape and eyes staring wide in astonishment.

The several robbers who were defeated by Darryl were also speechless.

’What the f*ck…’

’Did he just take a shot and still manage to talk and laugh?’

“You!” Megan stomped anxiously. She anxiously wanted Darryl to watch his mouth as it was not a good time to provoke the robbers!

In fact, Darryl was in so much pain that he painstakingly held it back.

After he took the Universal Pill and became a cultivator, Darryl’s physical endurance was much better than ordinary people. When he was abusing the camouflage man with vulgarity, he held a gold bar stealthily in his hand.

There were gold bars and silver bars on the bank’s counter. The customers would buy those bars as a choice of investment of their wealth.

Darryl waved his hand and the gold bar landed on the camouflage man’s hand, knocking his gun off to the ground!

The camouflaged man was shocked, he was panicking. He quickly grabbed a little girl and placed her in front of him, then he pulled out a dagger and rested it on the girl’s neck.

“Motherf*cker! You stand back!” The camouflaged man roared loudly. His eyes were red, and he was agitated!

The little girl cried out loud in h****r, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

She was only around four or five years old. So young! Of course, she had never experienced such a terrorizing event in her life! She was scared witless.

Darryl cursed furiously and was about to rush over to the girl’s rescue.

’Crazy motherf*cker! How could he take such a little girl as a hostage! Even if the little girl was saved eventually, the incident would haunt her for the rest of her life!’

“Don’t come over, or I’ll k**l her! Step back. I said step back, you f*cker! ” The camouflaged man howled loudly, and the dagger in his hand was pressed tightly against the little girl’s neck.

The time seemed to have stopped as everyone held their breath with their hearts almost leaping out from their throats. Everyone, except for the robbers.

They never thought that the ringleader would be so vicious and flagrantly held a little girl hostage.

Darryl stopped d**d in his tracks, clenching his fists tightly!

“Haha, young man, aren’t you powerful? Aren’t you good at sparring? Why are you afraid now?” The camouflaged man teased coldly and peeked at Megan, “And you! You try coming one step closer and you’ll see what’s next!”

The camouflaged man laughed sinisterly. “Quick! Put the money in the car and let’s go.”

The brawny men took the money and walked out quickly. On the other hand, the camouflage man held the little girl in his arms, his eyes glued on Darryl.

When they got outside, the group got into a van and drove quickly toward the outer suburbs.

As soon as the robbers left, everyone in the hall was relieved.

Megan wasted no time, she ran on her high heels after the robbers.

Before she reached the door, she turned around and went to Darryl. She asked anxiously, “Darryl, can you… can you drive me to catch up with them?”


Daryl was puzzled. His shoulder was still bleeding profusely!

“You better call up the police. It’s not safe for the two of us to go after them,” Darryl suggested.

He was d***g to save the little girl, but things were not as simple as what they thought!

They had to act wisely and not put their lives at risk.

“No, we have to keep up with them.” Megan was anxious. “Otherwise we won’t be able to find them. Their hideouts are obscure. The little girl might not survive until we get help! Those people don’t take her life seriously! Darryl,  come with me, will you?