The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1257

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1257 – Darryl stepped forward and smiled at Gonggong. “Shall I decide how we battle, since you’re my Senior?”

“You make the call!” Gonggong said indifferently as she thought of Darryl as just a naive boy that she can easily pinch to d***h by moving her fingers.

The smile on Darryl’s face grew thicker as he watched Gonggong and slowly said, “Well, since we have half an hour-if you manage to touch me within half an hour, I’ll admit it being my loss!” Darryl looked around and continued, “However, you are an Ancient G*d while I’m just a young junior, so you’ll have to allow me a small advantage. You’ll have to give me a ten seconds head start before chasing after me and it’s my loss if you manage to touch me after the ten seconds are up. However, you’ll have to call Zhurong ‘ Father’ and me ‘Uncle’ when you see us in the future if you lose. Do you accept?”


Zhurong and his wife were both excited and anxious after they heard Darryl!

Zhurong knew that Darryl was helping him to vent his anger.


‘Isn’t my brother a little too overconfident? Even if Gonggong gave him a ten seconds head start, where can he go? I’m afraid he’ll be caught by Gonggong in the blink of an eye. Gonggong’s strength is so much higher than Darryl’s after all.’

Yvette anxiously stomped her feet. “Darryl, can you do it?”

Darryl is good but he’s overconfident of himself. Although he carries some strength, how can he be Water G*d Gonggong’s opponent?’

More importantly, Darryl placed a bet with Gonggong having to call Darryl Uncle’ if she lost!

In Yvette’s opinion, that was not an act of overconfidence, but Darryl was simply seeking d***h!

Darryl smiled slightly and motioned Yvette not to worry when he noticed Yvette’s anxiety.

“You’re digging your own grave!”

Gonggong’s pretty face indeed changed with her gaze turned icy-cold while staring coldly at Darryl. “Boy, do you know what happened to those people who spoke to me in that tone?”

Darryl remained calm and smiled at Gonggong despite feeling Gonggong’s strong momentum. “I only ask if you dare to bet with me!”


Gonggong looked at Darryl closely and laughed out loud. “My child, you are the most arrogant young man I’ve ever seen. Alright, I’ll take up your bet and give you a head start of ten seconds. Just slay yourself if you lose!”

Gonggong then put away her smile and coldly said, “Let’s begin now. Ten!”

Darryl moved as soon as he heard the countdown.

However, Darryl did not flee and instead walked to the side before bringing out a stone!


‘What’s he doing?Why isn’t he quickly running away when the ten-second countdown started?’

Zhurong, his wife, and Yvette were stunned as they had no idea what was going on.


Darryl did not panic at all. He lifted another stone after placing that stone in a spot.

There were a lot of stones around, so Darryl was able to effortlessly obtain many of them. Darryl had already placed dozens of stones around the area by the time Gonggong counted to five.

Those stones seemed like they were chaotically arranged, but it was in fact a mysterious formation.

Darryl had arranged a Trap Formation!




Gonggong moved and went straight at Darryl the very moment she finished counting!