The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1254

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1254 – Zhurong smiled before filling up the wine glasses and drank with Darryl.

After a short while, Yvette made a few appetizers and brought them over.

Her red cheeks from the earlier incident only made her indescribably charming. She dared not look at Darryl and had completely lost her overbearing front.

“My brother!”

Zhurong patted Darryl on the shoulder and said with a smile, “I’ll take you out later after we finish drinking. You must’ve been bored after staying in the Divine Farmer’s blessed land for so long.”

Darryl was delighted. “Really?”

Darryl had begun to learn of the place after getting acquainted with Zhurong. He was currently in Mount Buzhou of the North Moana Continent. There were a total of 36 caves and 72 blessed lands in Mount Buzhou with every cave and blessed land occupied by peerless masters!

Darryl had always wanted to go out since a long time ago but did not do so because his injuries have not recovered.

Coincidently, Zhurong brought up the idea at the time he felt his body had finally recovered and thought of going out.

“Of course!” Zhurong smiled and nodded. “We’ll go out after drinking this.”



Darryl was very excited. He picked up the wine glass and happily downed a few glasses.

Yvette beside him wore an excited look when she heard that they would be going out for a while.

Zhurong laughed at Yvette’s reaction and said, “It seems that Sister-in-law is very eager to go out, haha… I’ll then take you both out later!”

“Brother Zhu!”

Yvette blushed again as she bit her lip and said, “Darryl and I are not…”

Yvette wanted to explain that Darryl and she were not husband and wife, but did not know why she could not say it out loud.

“Okay!”‘ Yuli who was silently sitting next to Zhurong smiled at her husband. ” Husband, can’t you see it? They aren’t a couple at all, yet you kept calling her Sister-in-law.”

Yuli turned her head to look at Yvette and smiled when she said that. “Is that right, Yvette?”


Yvette lowered her head and responded with a very soft and almost inaudible voice.


‘No…they weren’t a couple.’

Zhurong was stunned. He was so embarrassed while scratching his head before looking apologetically toward Yvette and said, “Oh my, I was too fast with my mouth. Don’t be angry!’

Zhurong had an idea after that as he glanced at Darryl and said with a smile, ” But my brother here is so talented. Yvette, you can consider marrying my brother here if you like.”

At the same time, Yuli smiled at Yvette and said, “Yes, I can see that you like Darryl. Why not choose a date and both of you get married?”

Yuli glanced expectantly at Darryl.

The truth was that Yuli looked down upon Darryl at first, but changed her mind after Darryl helped Zhurong dispose of the ten thousand years snow bear.


‘Get married?’

Yvette was initially just embarrassed on the inside, but her body trembled and was struck in a stupor when she heard that suggestion.

‘Are people in ancient times so straightforward and bold? Do they get married at will? They should at least let me prepare for it.’

“Mmm…” Yvette was shy and flustered, but then shook her head and said, ” This can’t be. No, it won’t work…”

She was a dignified princess with her marriage should not be a matter to be trifled with after all.

It should not be done hastily even if she were to marry Darryl. At least her father had to know.


‘Why is she reluctant to do this?’

Zhurong and Yuli looked at each other in puzzlement.