The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1252

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Ambrose took a deep breath and looked at Megan before revealing a smile after pondering for a while. “So… you won’t answer me, right?”

Ambrose walked over and grabbed Megan’s legs before pulling her shoes off!

“Kid, what are y-you going to do!”

Megan was tied up and immobilized. She felt so ashamed and angered that she accidentally let out a yelp.

Ambrose ignored her, he turned around and walked towards the shrub not far away. He pulled out two stalks of fluffy foxtail grass and returned.

Foxtail grass was a very common plant that caused skin irritation and itchiness.

Megan furrowed her eyebrows. “What the h**l are you doing? Let me go!”

‘What tricks is this kid pulling now?’

Ambrose smilingly walked over without responding. He instead grabbed one of Megan’s feet and tickled the soles of her foot with the foxtail grass.

Suddenly, Megan felt an itchy sensation spreading all over her body from the soles of her feet as she trembled and let out a yelp!

“Haha… Ah…Hahaha…”

“It’s so itchy! It’s so itchy! Stop it now, kid! Haha, stop it!”‘ Megan panicked as her red lips parted slightly and she went into episodes of uncontrollable laughter and cries!

Megan had never expected Ambrose would use such a naive method.

The even more annoying part was the effectiveness of that naive method.

The itch was getting really unbearable!

Ambrose actually enjoyed watching Megan being tortured and said with a smile, “How about it? Do you want to tell me now? Where’s Eira?”

Megan could not stop trembling as she bit her lip hard and was unwilling to let even a word slip her tongue!

Megan was helpless as she had no idea where Aurora and Eira went but the kid would surely not believe her words.

“Not saying anything yet?”

Ambrose was not in a hurry and sneered as the foxtail grass in his hand went to work again!

Megan felt more and more uncomfortable in her fits of laughter.

After what seemed like a long time, Megan finally could not hold it anymore and started sweating all over. “Brother, Brother…”

Ambrose was not going to stop just yet. The foxtail grass in his hand kept going at Megan’s foot.

“Good Brother, oh Good Brother, please. Haha…I beg you, please.” Megan felt she was about to pass out as her lips were about to bleed from biting hard. ” Good Brother. Oh, Good Brother. C’mon, please stop it quickly!”

Megan had completely let go of her pride and dignity as the kid was a handful for her to handle.


On the other side!

At the Divine Farmer’s blessed land in Mount Buzhou—North Moana!

Unintentionally, Darryl and Yvette had been there for half a month!

During that time, Zhurong would visit Darryl for a drink every afternoon without any misses!

Although they were thousands of years different in age, both of them hit it off at first sight with endless topics to discuss every day.

Beside the thatched cottage…

Zhurong sat at one side of the stone table with two jars of fine wine next to him.

“Brother, I brought some special wine today. It’s called Tipsy which was brewed by Dukang himself!’ Zhurong excitedly said with a smile.

Darryl smiled and nodded before filling his glass with the wine and drinking it all in one go.

“Good wine!” Darryl laughed. The wine was sweet in the mouth which gave a full body of aftertaste. Such a rare wine was hard to find even after a thousand years!

Meanwhile, Yvette who was beside them smelled the wine’s aroma and said with a smile, “Brother Zhu and Darryl, how can you not have some snacks to go along with such good wine? I’ll go make some side dishes for both of you.”

Yvette would prepare some dishes every time Zhurong drank with Darryl.

Although Yvette was a princess, she was good at cooking and Zhurong praised her cooking every time he tasted it.