The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1251

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William could not help but laugh out proudly.

The medicine Jake showed Lily was a fake with all of that being just a trap set by William for Lily.

In the past few days, William got Jack to get in touch with Lily when he noticed Lily was looking for a treatment to cure her face! William was preparing to scam Lily.

“Lily, it’s because of you that Darryl used his contacts to make the entire Lyndon family go bankrupt.” William glanced at the villa with a cold grin- apparently pleased with his plans before saying, “I’ll take everything you owe the Lyndon family back from you!”

William triumphantly hummed a song and started the car after saying that.



There was a barren hill 100 miles away from Donghai City!

Megan was exasperated to be tied to a rock in a cave on that barren mountain!

Ambrose stood gloomily beside her!

“Where did Eira go? Speak!”

Ambrose hissed coldly and had completely run out of patience.

Megan chuckled as she looked at Ambrose and said, “Where are you from exactly? I say this first, I’m now the Emei Sect Master. The Emei Sect will hunt you down and make you pay for it if something happens to me…”


Ambrose was furious! He then said, “You are testing my patience. It’s fine if you’re not answering me as I have ways to torture you!”

Ambrose then flipped his wrist and took out a soft whip.

Matteo originally gave the soft whip to Ambrose for taming those enchanted beasts, but Ambrose barely used it!

It finally came in handy!


Megan was startled as her delicate face turned panic-stricken. “What are you going to do?”

“What do you mean?”‘ Ambrose held the whip in his hand as his gaze flickering playfully. “Look at your smooth and tender skin, I wonder how many times you can endure?”

Ambrose raised his whip and lashed out!


A crisp sound rang as a visible b****y scar appeared on Megan’s body.

Ambrose did not use much strength nor any internal force, yet it was enough to place Megan in great pain.

Megan tightly bit her lip and bore the still bearable pain without letting out a yelp.

However, she felt even more humiliated deep inside.

The Emei Sect Master was tied up by a kid and beaten with a whip. How would she face the martial art community if such news was spread?

Ambrose’s lips curled up and looked playfully at Megan’s expression. “Now, tell me where is Eira?”

Megan gritted her teeth with a flushed face, but she insisted on not saying a single word!

Ambrose was so angry and stopped talking. He raised the whip in his hand while continuously lashed out at Megan’s body.

“Flap! Flap! Flap!”

The crisp noise kept coming. Megan could not take it anymore after a while and stared at Ambrose fiercely before yelling, “Little Sh*t, wait for me. I’ll make sure you suffer worse than d***h if you fall into my hands someday!”

Ambrose put away his whip when he noticed Megan’s reaction and momentarily lost his temper.

‘This woman isn’t easy to deal with.’

He could not k**l her and flogging her did not help either.

‘What should I do about her?’