The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 125

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 125 – The men were shocked at Megan’s reaction.

They sized her up—high heels, white shirt, and a body-hugging skirt. She was as gorgeous as a movie star!

“I’m a cop! Put down your weapons!” Megan said coldly.

The men’s expression darkened. They looked at each other, then surrounded Megan.

Darryl’s head hurts. This woman had no weapon on her, yet she dared to stand up to them?

He slapped his forehead, then silently crept toward them.

“Brothers, tie her up!” the leader howled. This was an unexpected gift! She was too beautiful.

The men smiled devilish and approached Megan with a rope.

’This woman is such a troublemaker,’ thought Darryl. He sighed, then rushed forward.

“Megan, look after the rest, I’ll deal with the robbers!” yelled Darryl He punched the first robber in the face. The robber could barely react and his body flew across and passed out.

What?! Knocking someone unconscious with only one punch? Was he not a useless live-in son-in- law? How was he so strong? What was his background?

Everyone was stunned.

The robbers hesitated. They did not dare to tackle Darryl. One of the robbers said, “Boss, we’ve met a tough one.”

The leader swore, “F*ck that! He is only one person. What are you all afraid of! K**l him! We don’ t have much time left!”

According to their plan, the entire process should take less than five minutes. It had taken way longer than expected! If the police arrived, they would be caught.

The men obeyed their leader and they attacked. Darryl smiled calmly. All these while, cultivating his Internal Energy plus his mastery in Wing Chun, he was not afraid. He took a step back, then kicked one of the robbers. The robber fell in pain.

Darryl did not wait for the rest to react. He served two more punches. One man fell with each punch.

He barely broke a sweat.

Within a minute, all of the men were lying on the floor in pain.

‘What? How can one person defeat all my men?’ thought the leader. The leader knew how strong his men were. They could easily defeat a street gang. However, Darryl tackled them to the ground effortlessly.

The leader was desperate. He did not want to resort to using the gun, but it seemed he had no choice now. He aimed the gun at Darryl and yelled, “You b* stard! Are you looking for d***h!”

“Watch out!” Megan screamed. However, Megan knew that from that distance, Darryl could easily dodge the bullet.

Darryl knew this as well. At that moment, he noticed a young girl cowering behind him. If he dodged the bullet, it will definitely hit her.