The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1249

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1249 – Everyone was surprised that a ten-year-old kid holding a peculiar hammer was able to discharge such a horrifying gush of power.

What kind of a Grand Weapon was the Hammer?

Ambrose slowly landed under everyone’s astonishment gaze and stared at Megan. “Is this what the Emei Sect has? If that’s so then tell me quickly! Where has Eira gone?”

“You’re crossing the line! I’ll teach you a lesson today on your parent’s behalf! ” Megan trembled in anger as her toes tapped the ground and she drew out her longsword before thrusting forward at Ambrose!

Megan mustered all her strength in wielding her sword until the air became distorted wherever the sword flew past!

Ambrose smiled coldly and looked at Megan. “Did you say you wanna teach me a lesson? You aren’t qualified just yet!”

Ambrose raised the Tyrant Hammer to parry off the sword a****k after throwing that line of words. The Tyrant Hammer possessed a powerful spiritual power such that Megan’s sword was knocked out of her hand under the collision!

Ambrose raised his hand and quickly tapped Megan’s body to seal her acupoints immediately after.

Megan shuddered and realized she had lost her ability to move!


Megan looked at Ambrose in shock and anger with a look of consternation on her face!

‘That ten-year-old kid is so powerful?’

Everyone around was stunned at the same time!

‘This kid is so powerful! How come we haven’t seen him before?’

‘Which sect does he belong to?’

The Emei Sect disciples present were even more startled and angered as they yelled.

“Sect Master Megan…”

“Quick! Let go of Sect Master Megan!”

“Kid, you’re so bold…”

None of the Emei Sect disciples dared to take a step forward!

Megan was the new Emei Sect Master, yet was not the kid’s opponent!

“I’m bold?” Ambrose scoffed at the remarks from the Emei Sect disciples before moving his wrist. “My bolder actions have yet to come!”

Ambrose walked over and slapped Megan on her face without warning!


Megan let out a yelp as a slap mark appeared on her fair-skinned face.

Although Ambrose was only a ten-year-old child, he had been with Matteo for seven years with his behavior deeply influenced by Matteo and acted determinately.

“This slap is for Eira since you scolded her!” Ambrose looked at Megan coldly as his slightly immature face revealed a strong aura!

Megan almost cried in fury as she gritted her teeth and said, “Where are you from? Just wait! I’ll k**l you sooner or later!”


Ambrose slapped Megan again!

“How dare you threaten me! What gave you the confidence to say that when your life is in my hands now?” Ambrose teased playfully and rebuked coldly!

The surrounding Emei Sect disciples charged forward when they saw their Senior Sister being bullied.

There were still several sects that had not left Emei. The Beggars’ Sect, Xingxiu Sect, Xiaoyao Sect, and so on were all hesitating and did not move forward to help when they saw Megan suffering a beating.

Those sects were Emei Sect’s allies.

Those sects were supposed to offer help when Megan was being humiliated by Ambrose.

However, Xiaoyao Sect and Xingxiu Sect were prominent sects. They felt uneasy to go against a ten-year-old opponent.

It was a shameful act to win against the kid and even more embarrassing if they lost the kid!

Ambrose frowned when the Emei Sect disciples charged at him again and impatiently asked Megan, “I’ll ask you one last time, where did Eira go?”

“Alright, you won’t tell me eh?” Ambrose cupped Megan’s chin and said with a smile, “I have ways to make you speak.”

Ambrose waved the Tyrant Hammer around and drove the surrounding Emei disciples back before picking up Megan. He then turned and flew down from the mountain!