The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1248

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1248 – Megan was disgruntled that Ambrose was not leaving yet and impatiently said, “Whose child are you that you can’t even understand human language? I’ve told you that the illegitimate child had left Emei Sect with her shameless mother. How do I know where they have gone! Don’t come to Emei Sect if you want to find Eira as she’s not here!”

Ambrose’s face turned ugly as he clenched his fists and pointed at Megan. “I’ll smash your b*tchy face if you dare curse Eira again! I’ll also ensure your Emei Sect won’t have peace!”

Ambrose was filled with strong emotion as he threatened.


The surrounding people were shocked to hear him.

They were surprised that a child was speaking in such an assertive tone that did not match his age. How dared him being so assaultive at the Emei Sect?

What made him so courageous?

At the same time, many Emei Sect disciples glowered at Ambrose.

How could they possibly let a ten-year-old child run wild in their own territory?

Megan flushed with anger and yelled at Ambrose, “How dare a wild child like you play up at our Emei Sect? I’ll teach you about life today on behalf of your parents!”

Megan waved her hand. “Emei Sect disciples, take this child down!”


A dozen disciples instantly came over and surrounded Ambrose!

Megan was the Emei Sect Master, hence her orders were well received by the disciples!

“Are you guys mobbing me?”

Ambrose smiled coldly without panicking when the female disciples surrounded him!


In the next second, Ambrose leaped up into the air and concurrently pulled out the Tyrant Hammer!


A dazzling burst of light filled the sky like a blinding sun when the Tyrant Hammer was pulled out!

Everyone in the entire Mount Emei was immediately stunned and could not hide the shock in their eyes!

‘What’s that hammer-like weapon in that kid’s hand?’

They could sense a powerful energy wave coming from it!

‘Is that a Grand Weapon?’

Megan trembled as her eyes locked onto the Tyrant Hammer in Ambrose’s hand with eyes shone like the scorching heat. “Take him down! Hurry and take him down…”

Megan could feel the powerful aura coming from the Tyrant Hammer.

Megan had been worried about how she would command the crowd as their competent Sect Master with her strength being a far cry from Aurora’s.

She was excited that a child had brought along a Grand Weapon!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The dozens of female disciples gracefully rose into the air before aiming straight at Ambrose!

Those female disciples formed an Emei sword formation while surrounding Ambrose in a short time. The energy burst twisted the atmosphere!

“You made me do this, beauties. Don’t complain about me being rough with you ladies!”

Ambrose sneered and warned while tightly holding onto the Tyrant Hammer before flinging it down!


A thunderous vibration diffused from the Tyrant Hammer. In the next moment, a dazzling light spread out toward the surrounding dozens of Emei disciples!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, those disciples felt their bodies were held in place- unable to move or dodge the a****k. They were then sent flying by the tyrannical force!

Ambrose had only utilized the Tyrant Hammer’s first power level because his opponents were women and there was no enmity between them!

Those disciples would have definitely been unable to endure had he used its full strength!


Megan and the other disciples drew in a sharp breath of cold air!