The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1242

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1242 – The entire Emei Sect was in a tumult with every elite martial arts present in an uproar!

“She admits it! Sect Master Aurora admitted that Eira is her daughter with Darryl…”

“Alas, this is so unexpected! Sect Master Aurora looks lofty and chaste but she had an affair with Darryl behind her husband’s back! How could she do that to Mister Red Leaf? How could she have a daughter with Darryl? Sigh…”

“This is unacceptable from the Emei Sect Master!”

Everyone was passing comments which kept coming in like the ocean tides. Aurora glanced around and said, “I was pregnant with Eira before marrying Mister Red Leaf. I’ve never met Darryl again after marrying Mister Red Leaf.”


Megan interrupted with a cold smile before Aurora finished speaking and nodded with an exaggerated expression. “Oh…you were pregnant before marrying Mister Red Leaf. Oh…now I understand what you mean. Do you mean to say that you made Mister Red Leaf responsible for the mistake you committed with Darryl? Such a shameful act!”

Megan’s face was full of contempt when she said that before looking at the Emei disciples next to her. “Everyone, is this shameless woman qualified to be our Sect Master?”


The entire Mount Emei fell silent and none of the Emei disciples responded. They were no longer meeting Aurora’s gaze with awe and admiration and wore a complex expression on their faces instead!

The Emei Sect had always been reputable among the martial arts community which made the Emei disciples proud! They were not sure how to feel after learning their sect master was pregnant with someone’s child before marrying Mister Read Leaf. Such deviant behavior!

At the same time, members from the other sects present were also in a heated discussion!

“Tsk tsk… I never expected that Aurora would do such a thing. Hasn’t she always been cold and desolate?”

“Ice Goddess? Haha…”

“I’ve always regarded her as a goddess. F*ck, it’s disgusting to think she hooked up with Darryl before the wedding…”

Many people started speaking ill of Aurora.

Aurora used to enjoy a high status in the hearts of the people from the community, but her beautiful image collapsed in that instance.

Debra and Yvonne who were seated among the guests flushed as they felt awkward to be in such a situation.

They thought it was just a farce.

Unexpectedly, Megan’s words turned out to be true.


Aurora looked around at this moment and bitterly smiled. “I’ve embarrassed the ancestors of Emei Sect and am indeed not qualified to be the Emei Sect Master.”

Aurora took a deep breath to put up her best front as she made the announcement. “I hereby announce that I’ll relinquish the Emei Sect Master position and would now have nothing to do with the Emei Sect!”

Aurora squatted down and gently caressed Eira’s face after saying that with tears shining in her eyes. “Eira, I’m sorry for keeping this a secret from you these seven years to protect my reputation. I haven’t been doing a good job as a mother for the past seven years.”


Eira felt Aurora’s warmth as she recovered from her shock and called out to Aurora before plunging into Aurora’s arms.

Aurora gently comforted Eira before taking Eira’s hand and turned to leave.

Aurora was a very decisive woman.

She felt it was time for her to let go of everything at that time.

Everyone was stunned and at a loss for words as they watched the silhouettes of Aurora and Eira leaving.