The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1239

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1239 – So beautiful!

Those goddesses, each beautiful in their own ways, had appeared together at the conference. It was a visual feast for the men!

“Sect Master Aurora is here!” the crowd exclaimed. All eyes were focused at the hall entrance.

A flawless body figure slowly emerged, surrounded by several Emei Sect disciples-it was Aurora.

As the famous Ice Lady Goddess in the community, Aurora immediately became everyone’s center of attention.

Aurora deliberately wore a long snow-white skirt to show off her perfect and s**y figure at the Millenium Event. At the same time, it gave people a very solemn feeling.

A petite and exquisite figure trailed behind Aurora–she was sweet and cute and very likable too!

It was Eira.

Various sect masters stood up with smiles on their faces as they congratulated Aurora.

“Congratulations, Sect Master!”

“The Emei Sect’s Millenium Event is really a fantastic martial arts event!”

“Yes, as one of the orthodox sects, the Emei Sect has done so much for the community over the years. The Emei Sect truly lives up to this grand event.”

The congratulatory messages continued, but Aurora was very different from her usually cold demeanor that day—she merely cracked a faint smile to greet the guests!

Soon, the conference began. All the martial art elites poured each other drinks and toasted while the Emei Sect female disciples danced on the stage. It was a lively event!

After three rounds of wine and about five dishes, Aurora got up and slowly walked to the stage.

“Everyone!” Aurora looked around with a smile. “Thank you for coming to our sect’s Millennium Event. Today, apart from a gathering with all the martial art elites, I want to announce one more piece of news!”

Aurora pulled Eira onto the stage. With love and gentleness in her eyes, she said, “Today marks my resignation as the Emei Sect’s Sect Master. My final disciple, Eira, will be succeeding me in this position.”

Aurora’s voice was not loud, but it resonated throughout Mount Emei.


Suddenly, the guests broke into an uproar. They all looked at Eira with curiosity and dismay.

The young lady looked like she was not even ten years old, yet Aurora had chosen her as the next sect master for the Emei Sect.

The young lady also looked beautiful and charming; she would be a gorgeous goddess when she grew up.


Everyone was surprised momentarily, but they all snapped back to their senses rather quickly and clapped!

It was the Emei Sect’s internal affairs anyway, so they merely congratulated Aurora after she made the announcement.

At the same time, many Emei Sect elders and disciples had their eyes focused on Eira as well. They looked at her with love and expectation.

Even though Eira was still young, she had an excellent talent for cultivation. They all believed that the Emei Sect would flourish under her leadership. Their sect would be famous throughout the nine continents.

It was the first time that Eira had experienced such a grand scene. She was flustered as too many people had stared at her.

However, she had inherited Aurora’s cold and arrogant personality. Even when she was a little flustered, her childish face displayed calmness and indifference–many of the guests secretly applauded her.

She would be the heir to the Emei Sect from that day onward.

‘I must live up to Sect Master’s expectations. After I take over the sect, I must lead them well.’

Eira’s eyes flashed with determination. She still did not know that her beloved Sect Master was her biological mother.

“I object!”

Suddenly, a cold voice came from the midst of a group of Emei Sect disciples.

Then, a slender figure walked forward; her delicate face looked distant and cold!

It was Megan!