The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1237

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1237 – “Aurora, don’t push me away. Let me accompany you tonight-” Mister Red Lead stopped in his tracks, but he was excited to wait for her answer.

It had been seven years!

For seven years, the cultivation community was envious of him as he was married to the prettiest goddess!

However, who would have thought that he could only look at his fairy-like wife every day; he could not touch her.

He had never even held her hand.

Who would have known his pain?

“I don’t want to say it a second time.”

Aurora was too lazy to talk to him anymore; she said firmly, “Get out of here! In the future, you are not allowed to enter my room without my permission!”


Mister Red Leaf felt as if he had been punched. He was extremely uncomfortable. Then, he nodded bitterly. “Okay, okay! I’ll get out…”

There were feelings of unwillingness and grievances in his eyes. He turned around and strode away.

At night…

In a pavilion at the back of the mountain, Mister Red Leaf sat alone with a few jars of wine. He continued to pour and drink the wine. He felt extremely sad and melancholy. After he left Aurora’s bedroom, he felt so heavy-hearted that he took a few jars of good wine so that he could drink them under the moonlight.

He got drunk very quickly after a few jars of wine.

Mister Red Leaf laughed.

The man was finally drunk, and he allowed his feelings to release; he laughed at himself. “Who said that alcohol could solve all problems? That’s b******t. B******t!” He laughed again.

Suddenly, a slender figure passed by the corridor next to him.

Under the moonlight, her graceful figure and delicate face were clearly visible. However, there were frown lines between her brows.

It was Megan.

Megan had done many awful things to Darryl—so many that Darryl had refused to forgive her.

That had always been a burden in Megan’s heart-she had been in a slump over the years because of that. She had abandoned both her work and cultivation!

Tomorrow was a big day for the Emei Sect. However, Megan was still absent- minded. She went out for a walk to enjoy the mountain breeze at night when there were not many people around so that she could think about the issues in her mind. She did not expect to see Mister Red Leaf, who seemed to enjoy the wine by himself.

Megan stepped forward to greet the man.

After all, she had to be courteous to the Sect Master’s husband.

However, as soon as she took two steps, she heard Mister Red Leaf mutter to himself, and she immediately stopped.

Mister Red Leaf was already drunk; he did not notice Megan. He continued to sigh and m**n!

“Aurora, Aurora, I’ve spent seven years with you, and I’m even willing to be the man behind your success, but why do you treat me like this? I don’t care if Eira is your child with Darryl. I only ask you to open up to me and accept me, but why are you so indifferent to me?”

Mister Red Leaf was so drunk that he laid there and fell asleep!

‘What? Junior Sister Eira is Darryl’s child with the Sect Master?’

Megan stood there as she stared at the drunk Mister Red Leaf. Her mind buzzed, and she was stupefied!

It was no wonder!

‘No wonder Sect Master has taken excellent care of Junior Sister Eira in every possible way. They are mother and daughter.’