The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1229

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1229 – Yvette was thrilled as she hurriedly carried Darryl on her back. Then, as instructed by Divine Farmer, she placed Darryl on the bamboo bed.

Divine Farmer frowned when he saw the blood on Darryl.

Then, he told Yvette, “Take off his clothes and then clean the wounds. I am going to apply some medicine on him.”


‘I have to undress him?’

Yvette trembled when she heard that. Her face flushed; she felt extremely shy.

A few hours ago, she had helped Darryl to get dressed.

Then, she had to take his clothes off again.

She was so embarrassed!

Darryl was also taken aback.

‘D**n, why do I have to take off my clothes again?’

Divine Farmer frowned and urged them again when he saw Yvette’s hesitation. “I told you to undress your husband; why are you hesitating? Hurry up! He has lost too much blood, and his meridians are also traumatized. We can’t delay anymore.”


Yvette was stunned momentarily when she heard that. Her face flushed; it felt extremely hot.

Darryl chuckled.

It turned out that Divine Farmer thought that they were husband and wife.

Darryl reacted as he watched Yvette feel embarrassed. He wanted to laugh out loud, but he dared not.

Yvette felt even more ashamed and angry when she noticed Darryl’s smile.

How could he laugh when she was so embarrassed? Yvette was angry, so she pinched him discreetly.


Darryl gasped when he felt the pinch. He looked at Yvette helplessly. ‘F*ck! Can’t I laugh? I didn’t say anything, did I?’

Divine Farmer shook his head and smiled as he urged Yvette again. “Okay, please stop poking fun at him. Take off your husband’s clothes quickly.”

Divine Farmer was even more sure of his guess.

Why would they flirt if they were not a couple?

“That’s right, my dear!”

Darryl took the opportunity and said, “Hurry up, I can’t hold it anymore!”

His eyes were full of smiles when he said that.

Darryl had been very moved when Yvette ignored her identity as a princess and begged Divine Farmer to heal him.

However, Yvette had pinched him too hard. Darryl felt as if a piece of his skin had been torn, so he took the opportunity to tease Yvette.

Yvette glared at him, but she said nothing. She helped Darryl to take off his clothes slowly.

It took only a few minutes, but Yvette felt like a century had passed.

Yvette dripped in sweat after helping Darryl to take off his clothes. Her delicate face had gotten very rosy, like a ripened red apple.

Divine Farmer inspected Darryl’s injuries. Then, he turned his head to Yvette and said, “Go outside and pick two Seven Spirit Herbs, the one with seven- colored petals…”

Divine Farmer’s voice was quite soft, but he sounded determined.

Yvette was already his medical assistant, so she had to help him with the task.

Yvette did not hesitate. She hurriedly went outside to pick the Seven Spirit Herbs. After that, Divine Farmer instructed her to mix it with other herbs into an ointment.

In the next few minutes, Divine Farmer carefully applied the ointment onto Darryl’s wounds.


Darryl felt a soothing sensation all over his body as he sighed in relief. The soreness on his body had all but disappeared.

Divine Farmer was truly great!; his medicine was amazing!

“Come on, drink this bowl of medicine.” Divine Farmer gave Darry; a bowl of medicine.

The medicine tasted bitter and astringent; Darryl grimaced when he drank it.

Divine Farmer said slowly, “This bowl of medicine is my secret recipe. It can heal your injury quickly, but it also has its side effects–your eyes will be temporarily blind for two to three days. So, all you need to do is rest. After two or three days, your eyes will regain their sight again, and your injuries will be healed.”