The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1228

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1228 – Divine Farmer was like a g*d in the World Universe’s past— he was one of the first few well-known men! Darryl was familiar with the history and Divine Farmer’s name!

‘But wait, that can’t be right!’

The history books mentioned that Divine Farmer eventually accumulated too much toxin in his body as he had tasted too many different kinds of herbs. He had died after he had eaten the slit gut herb.

How was he still alive?’

That old man was the famous Divine Farmer–also known as the Yan Emperor!

It was true that Divine Farmer did taste many kinds of herbs, as mentioned in the historical records, but some of the information was erroneous. It was precisely because of the herbs that he had eaten that his body changed-like he had been reborn. He became resistant to all kinds of disease, and he even got to live a longer life; up until then, he had lived for a thousand years.

In fact, if a cultivator could break through the Martial Emperor level and progress to the next level, they would be immune to diseases. One’s life expectancy would be extended as well.

Divine Farmer could live for so long not because of his high cultivation foundation but because he had tasted all kinds of spiritual herbs that eventually gave him an extraordinary physique.

Yvette was also shocked; her red lips parted slightly in awe.

‘This old man is the Yan Emperor—Divine Farmer?’


Yvette snapped back to her senses. She walked to the cottage door and pleaded sincerely, “This is my friend-Darryl. He is seriously injured. I hope that you can be merciful and save his life. His wounds have been left untreated for far too long. If you don’t save him, he might d*e…”

Yvette was right.

Darryl’s injuries had been left untreated for way too long.

There was nothing much Yvette could do at that point, even if she had an elixir. She could only ask for Divine Farmer’s help.

At the same time, Darryl was also full of anticipation and excitement.

He wanted to laugh,

‘I thought I would d*e this time.’

‘I did not expect that I would bump into Divine Farmer. I guess I won’t d*e, after all.’


After Yvette said that, Divine Farmer’s indifferent voice came from inside the thatched cottage. “You are lucky that I did not mind you trespassing into my area. Don’t disturb me, leave quickly…”

Darryl and Yvette were taken aback. They never thought that Divine Farmer would turn them down so curtly.


Yvette put Darryl down and knelt in front of the thatched cottage door. She was determined. “Grandpa, I beg you, please! If you refuse to help him, he will d*e! I’ll do anything as long as you are willing to save him.”

Darryl gasped. He felt touched as he gazed at Yvette.

She was a princess with noble status, but she had sacrificed so much to save him…


Divine Farmer came out of the thatched cottage and looked at Yvette with a burning gaze. “My dear girl, did you say that you’re willing to do anything as long as I save this kid?”

His voice was not loud, but he sounded imposing.

Yvette bit her lips and nodded firmly. “Yes.”


Divine Farmer stroked his beard. He thought about it and said slowly, “Be my medical assistant for two years!”

Then, Divine Farmer pointed at the strange-looking flowers and shrubs nearby. “Will you help me to take care of these herbs and do all the chores?”


Yvette met Divine Farmer’s gaze. She did not hesitate with her answer.

Darryl’s heart pounded; he was indescribably moved when he looked at Yvette.

Two years.

‘Is it worth sacrificing two years of her freedom to save me?’

Divine Farmer stopped talking and said simply, “Get him inside.”

Then, he turned around and went into the thatched cottage.