The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1225

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1225 – “No!”

Darryl was extremely embarrassed; he tried to explain himself, but his speech lacked coherence. “It’s not what you think; there were a few gangsters here just now…”

What a shame!

Yvette chuckled after she heard Darryl’s words. She had a playful expression on her face. “Darryl, are you saying that a few gangsters bullied a dignified Elysium Gate Sect Master?” She laughed again.

That scene must have looked interesting!

It was funny when one thought about it…


Darryl was speechless. His face became hot, and he wanted to find a place to hide.

For a while, the atmosphere felt awkward.

After a few seconds, Darryl took a deep breath to hide his embarrassment and said, “What the h**l is going on here? Why am I here? Where is this place?”

Yvette’s eyes flickered conflicted before she smiled and said, “Of course, I was the one who saved you. Otherwise, Florian would have k****d you!”

Yvette turned around to look at Cloud City; her tone was sad when she said, “I asked someone in the city–this is the North Moana continent, and this is Cloud City.”

North Moana?

Cloud City?

Darryl was stunned; his brain buzzed.


Yvette frowned as she said sullenly, “You should put on your clothes…”

Yvette’s face blushed again when she said that.

She was a princess. It was improper for her to talk to a half-n***d man.


Darryl sweated profusely; he was very embarrassed. “I can’t move-“

If he were able to move, he would not have been bullied by those gangsters.

“What? What should I do?” Yvette’s face was so hot that she asked anxiously, “You can’t possibly not be wearing anything, right?”

Yvette bit her lips. “Forget it; let me put them on for you.”

The woman picked up the clothes, walked toward the man, and helped him get dressed. Perhaps she was a little flustered; her hands continued to shake.

Yvette had not wanted to help Darryl get dressed.

However, she had to do it. If someone saw them in that circumstance, they might think that they were up to no good.

Darryl’s body stiffened, and his mind went blank for an instant as Yvette helped him to get dressed.

At the same time, his heart raced when he smelled the faint fragrance on Yvette’s body.

The two of them were in awkward silence.

The atmosphere became even more embarrassing.

When he was almost fully dressed, Darryl broke the silence and said, “Why did you save me?”

He had k****d the Country Secretary and so many royal guards, and he also wanted to k**l her father– the Emperor.

She should hate him for that.

Darryl did not expect that she would save him and be willing to put aside her dignity as a princess to help him get dressed.

Darryl was very puzzled.

When Yvette was done helping him, she stood up and looked at him with a severe expression. “Darryl, you’d better not overthink this. There is no other reason for me to save you; I did not want another dispute between our two continents.”

Yvette continued to look at Darryl. “I admit that my father was wrong when he ordered them to k**l your master. However, you’ve also k****d the Country Secretary and many of our people. Now that I have saved your life, shall we call it a truce?”

Yvette looked expectantly at Darryl.

Over the years, Yvette had learned many things, and she wanted world peace.


Darryl’s expression changed; he started to ponder about Yvette’s words.

Even though he had k****d the Country Secretary to avenge his m******d master, it did not calm the resentment he felt in his heart.

After all, his master—-Ford—was the person he respected the most!