The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1223

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1223 – She thought about the times that they were together!

She thought of things that Darryl had secretly done for her in the past.

She reminisced about the scenes that were already engraved in her heart and imprinted in her mind! It was an unforgettable past! It was also her best memory!

Time passed by-minutes and seconds-slowly.

Lily waited and waited-from morning to the afternoon and into the night- but she did not see Darryl.

She did not know that Darryl had gone to avenge his master, who had been m******d. That was why he was delayed. As the night sky fell, the night gradually turned cold.

Lily’s heart, like the icy night breeze, slowly turned cold from the heated expectation.

‘Darryl…Did he forget? Our seventh-year appointment-had he forgotten about it?’

Lily took her mobile phone and looked at the time on the screen. It said 00:00 -her heart ached!

Lily trembled as tears streamed silently; she felt like she was about to faint.

She had waited the whole day, but the man whom she yearned did not show up.

It seemed like Darryl had already forgotten about her.

‘I guess he must be doing well. After all, he has many bosom friends.’

‘Yvonne, Artemis Sect Master Darby, and Jewel, his close-knit maid… All of them are beautiful people. Look at me…’

‘Forget it!’ She sighed.

‘I don’t deserve him anymore.’

Lily comforted herself, but she wondered why she got more uncomfortable the more she persuaded herself.


Yvette activated the Wonder Travel Amulet and hugged Darryl close to her body. She sensed it when the darkness consumed her sight as they left the New World palace. She felt as if both of them had continued to fall.

After a while, Yvette and Darryl finally landed on the ground!

Where had they been transported to?

Yvette opened her eyes, and she was stunned to see the scene in front of her.

They were in a city, but it was much smaller than the New World Royal City, and it was not as prosperous too! It seemed like they had been teleported to the woods just outside the city.

Yvette did not know that they were on the North Moana continent.

North Moana, like the New World, was also an ancient society. It seemed like they had arrived in Cloud City.

Yvette sighed softly as she scanned her surroundings. Then, she tilted her head to glance at Darryl.

Darryl still had his eyes closed; he was still unconscious.

He was covered in many wounds.

‘He’s not d**d, is he?’

Yvette thought about it as she leaned forward and put her finger under Darryl’ s nose—he still breathed. She was relieved, so she checked him for other injuries.

Fortunately, Darryl only had superficial wounds; it was nothing serious.

Yvette was not an ignorant princess; she knew a little about first aid.

Darryl did not need any treasures for his wounds; he would be fine after some nourishments with ginseng and fungus. Then, he would need to rest for some time.

Even though his injuries were not serious, they should not delay the treatment. It might be risky for him if they put it off.

‘There must be a medicine shop in Cloud City!’

After she made up her mind, Yvette stood up and walked toward the city entrance!

“Wait here, Darryl. I will go get some medicine for you.” Yvette said as she turned her head and looked at the unconscious and unresponsive Darryl.