The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1221

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1221 – That was the darkest period in Darryl’s life; how he wished he could forget about it and never be reminded of it again.

Soon after that, the New World army had attacked Donghai City. Rebecca’s coffin was discovered after the battle at the Wishing Star Tower. The truth they uncovered had relieved Darryl of the blame.

Finally, the event had cleared the misunderstanding they had toward Darryl.

However, Florian took the opportunity to escape with the New World army.

He did not only do that; he had also captured Yvonne and Monica!

Yvonne was sent to Westrington by the New World Emperor to marry Donoghue. Monica, on the other hand, was separated from Darryl for ten years. She had gone through so many hardships and sufferings, and she had also been separated from her child.

All of which was Florian’s fault!

Darryl got even more furious when he thought about that!

The situation was at its worst when the enemies met!

Darryl could not wait to k**l Florian immediately!

However, Darryl was already heavily wounded after his battle with the Country Secretary, Sloan, and more than a hundred thousand soldiers from the royal army. He had fought them single-handedly! He had also used up a fair bit of his internal energy to activate the White Lily Cold Flame!

More importantly, Yvette kept a tight hold on Darryls’ legs; his movement was completely hampered.

“Darryl!” Florian smiled slightly; he was unable to conceal his excitement and pride as he said coldly, “This is G*d’s will! Go to h**l!”


After Florian said that, the huge kylin opened its large and bloodied mouth as it charged toward Darryl in an instant.

“Florian! How could you ambush him?” Yvette was shocked; she wanted to let go of Darryl, but it was too late.


The kylin rammed into Darryl’s body with a load of its momentum. A deafening roar sounded as Darryl vomited a mouthful of blood. The impact threw his body backward.

It was too late for Yvette to let go. Even though the kylin did not hit her, the impact also threw her to the end of the hall with Darryl.


They flew about 100 meters backward; Darryl vomited blood while his body was still in midair before he finally landed on the ground with a loud thud. His eyes darkened, and he passed out.

The transformed kylin had gathered all of Florian’s internal energy! It felt extremely powerful! However, Darryl had been injured before that, so he struggled to bear the brunt of the momentum.

At the same time, Yvette slid down beside Darryl, only to feel the qi and blood revolted in her like choppy waves. The impact shook her, but she did not suffer any significant injuries.

The New World Emperor laughed. He was excited to see the turn of events. He looked up to the sky and laughed heartily as he admired Florian. He said, ” Well done, Florian. You did really well. Quick, quick! K**l Darryl, and you’ll be rewarded!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Florian responded respectfully. He stared at Darryl closely before he approached the man with a grin!

Florian no longer saw Darryl as a brother. Hence, he had no qualms about hurting Darryl.

Yvette was anxious when she realized that Florian was ready for another a****k. She shouted at the unconscious Darryl. “What are you doing, Darryl? Wake up!”

Yvette knew that Darryl was there to avenge his master. So, she did not hate him.

All Yvette wanted to do was to save Darryl and resolve any grievances between them. She could not think of a good idea to do that, so she rushed to the man’s side, hugged him. Then she took something off her body at the same time.

It was an amulet!


The amulet cast a dazzling light that was armed with a strange spiritual power. The light immediately wrapped itselfaround Yvette and Darryl!

That was right!

Yvette had used the Wonder Travel Amulet!