The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1220

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1220 – The New World’s civil and military officials were aggrieved and indignant!

Darryl had trespassed into the Royal City single-handedly, yet no one in the entire town was his opponent. Furthermore, Princess Yvette was forced to get down on her knees to beg the man!


How shameful!

Darryl stood as firm as iron as he glanced at Yvette with indifference and said, “Move! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Darryl remained cold-hearted even though Yvette kept her arms around his legs. He did not budge even the slightest bit.

Darryl knew that he would feel guilty toward his master his entire life if he let the Emperor off that day!

Yvette shook her head desperately as tears streamed down her cheeks. ” Darryl, I beg you! Can you spare my father? I beg you…”

Darryl was anxious and wanted to break free, but Yvette held his legs so tightly. He could not let go just yet.

“How dare you! Go to h**l!”

Just as Darryl got anxious, a loud shout came from behind him! Aman emerged and slapped his body with his palm!

It was Florian!

Florian was a sinister villain. He was a despicable and cunning man. It seemed as if he had kept hidden in a corner.

After Darryl had k****d Sawyer and the Country Secretary in seconds and defeated the royal army, he decided to show his strength to shock the audience!

Florian, who had observed the situation, appeared shocked, envious and consumed with hatred. He knew that he could not go against Darry; he would not survive the attempt.

If it had happened in the past, Florian would have sneaked away. He did not do that then. Instead, he hid and observed the situation. He wanted to wait for an opportunity to launch an a****k.

Florian had decided to take the chance to a****k when Darryl was exhausted.

That way, not only would he make a great contribution in front of the Emperor, but he would also get rid of Darryl-his nemesis.

Florian would never be able to return to the World Universe as long as Darryl was alive!

Therefore, Darryl must d*e!

Florian knew that he had to grab the chance when he saw Darryl and Yvette in a dispute!


He dashed to Darryl’s front as he gathered a strong wave of energy; black light lit up all around his body.

Then, a behemoth suddenly appeared in front of Florian.

It was a black kylin!

Florian displayed his unique skill–the Mysterious Godly Scripture!

Florian had fallen off a cliff by the Donghai City seaside and inadvertently got his hand on the Mysterious Godly Scripture. He cherished it like it was a piece of rare treasure, and he had practiced hard.

The Mysterious Godly Scripture consisted of three stages.

In the first stage, one could use their internal energy to transform into birds and beasts!

In the next step, one would be able to transform into wind, rain and lightning!

Finally, in the last step, one could transform into a beast. It was an infinitely powerful technique!

For the past ten years, Florian had mastered that unique skill. He was able to transform into a sacred beast-a kylin.

Florian’s kylin was enshrouded with a layer of black aura. Although it was transformed via internal energy, it had felt real. Its length was more than ten meters, and it had blood-red eyes. When it showed off its white fangs, it looked extremely terrifying.

Its appearance lowered the temperature in the entire palace hall, and the atmosphere around it was completely distorted.


Darryl shouted when he spotted Florian; his eyes became red as he gritted his teeth.

A very long time ago, Florian had sullied his sister-in-law, Rebecca, and blamed it on Darryl. He was unjustly wronged, and the Darby family and even the cultivators’ community had shunned him because of that!