The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1216

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1216 – Darryl waved his hand–a golden light flashed as a golden pagoda appeared in his hand. It was the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagodas!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Then, a total of 700 elites came out one after another from the pagoda’s first and second layers!

“Yuan Tiangang, Pang Tong, Red Eye Warrior and Blazing Snake Queen… I want you to ravage this hall and slaughter everyone here!” Darryl roared—he had completely lost his mind!

“K**l them!”

As soon as Darryl said that, the elites from the pagoda emerged, one by one, and advanced toward the Twelve Royal Guards and the other guards.

The royal guards and the 700 elites from the pagoda immediately engaged in a battle. The golden palace was stained with blood, and screams could be heard everywhere!

It was crazy!

‘Darryl is a maniac!’

The civil and military affairs officers looked shocked; they shivered as they scrambled around in a hurry to hide in any corner they could find.

Soon, only the Country Secretary and Sloan were left in front of the Emperor.


Darryl did not hesitate. He immediately activated his Pure Energy and charged forward.

The Country Secretary and Sloan exchanged looks before they greeted the a****k!


The three figures collided fiercely! After a loud noise, tyrannical internal energy filled the entire Full Energy Palace!

Sloan and Country Secretary groaned at the same time before they retreated more than ten steps!

As for Darryl, he remained on the spot-as steady as a piece of rock!


Darryl had two enemies in front of him. Yet, he did not even budge?

The hundreds of civil and military officials, who were still in hiding, were all shocked!

The Country Secretary and Sloan were the New World’s guardian angels. As a duo, they were almost unrivaled in the entire New World!

However, they did not feel as if they had any advantage when they took on Darryl at the same time.

Who would have believed that if they had not seen it with their own eyes?

The Country Secretary and Sloan were shocked! They were much stronger than Darryl, yet they realized that Darryl’s internal energy was unfathomable!

Neither of them knew that Darryl had practiced so much that his Pure Energy had reached a state of zenith! Furthermore, he was also a level two Martial Emperor! He would be terrifyingly powerful if he were to play all his trump cards!

However, Sloan was also the world-famous female G*d of War. She calmed so down quickly before she said coldly, ” Darryl, I am here today; how dare you be so presumptuous?”

Sloan opened the enchanted beast pouch!


A loud roar echoed as a colossal beast appeared in front of Sloan. The creature was dark blue; a black mist surrounded its entire body.

That was Sloan’s Rocky.

When they were in Mount Mingwang’s secret tunnel, Darryl and Sloan had received a Rocky Egg each-an older Rocky had given the eggs to them. Sloan’s Rocky had since grown up!

A mighty beastliness pressure filled every corner of the palace hall when the Rocky emerged! Everyone was frightened!

At the same time, the civil and military officials were excited.

Laughter filled the hall.

They thought that they had a greater chance of winning against Darryl after Sloan released her Rocky.

However, Darryl also laughed and said, “Sloan, you seem to have forgotten that you’re not the only one with a Rocky.”

Darryl immediately released his Rocky from the enchanted beast pouch.


Another dark purple Rocky appeared as its aura erupted!