The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1215

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1215 – The New World Emperor bellowed the last line.

Darryl had k****d his beloved general, his daughter’s future Royal Consort!

The man did not only humiliate the royal family; he had ravaged their ego as well.

The Emperor swore to k**l Darryl that day!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Hundreds of royal guards had gathered outside the hall; they discharged their internal energy and charged toward Darryl!

Those royal guards were mainly responsible for the safety around the palace. They were at least a Martial Marquis; most of them were level three Martial Marquis!

Waves of aura from the hundreds of royal guards were extremely powerful.

Darryl looked mad. Without another word of nonsense, he raised his hands!

“D*e! Go to h**l! Ascension of the Nine Dragons!”

A frantic roar echoed from Darryl’s mouth. The moment he shouted, nine golden dragons appeared out of thin air. The dragons growled as they charged at the royal guards.


In the blink of an eye, the royal guards screamed as they fell from the air and into a pool of blood.


The New World Emperor and all the civil and military officials gasped!

Darryl was by himself, and yet he acted so bravely. The hundreds of royal guards were no match to Darry!!

The New World Emperor was in shock; his eyes sparkled with anger. He was even more furious!

‘He must be k****d! Otherwise, there’ll be endless troubles!’

Darryl stared at the New World Emperor. He must have completely lost his mind as he shouted, “Today, you shall pay for what you did!”

When he said that, Darryl thought about his master’s miserable d***h. His heart ached as though it had been sliced into pieces!


The New World Emperor was flustered, but he could feel Darryl’s imposing aura. He shouted for help. “Protect me! Protect me!”

Then, two figures emerged and stood in front of the New World Emperor.

It was Sloan and the Country Secretary!


The Country Secretary wore a gloomy look as he said coldly, “You’ve slandered the New World royal family. You’re doomed!”

Sloan, on the other hand, did not speak. She stared at Darryl closely. Her delicate face showed a touch of coldness.


At the same time, more than a dozen figures appeared; each of those people had a strong aura! They surrounded the Emperor to protect him–they looked powerful!

They were the Twelve Royal Guards!

The Twelve Royal Guards were named after the twelve zodiacs, The New World Emperor had sent them to protect Yvette when she was in the World Universe. They were there to ensure her safety.

When the Twelve Royal Guards knew that the Emperor was in danger, they rushed forward to protect him.

Each of the twelve guards was a Martial Emperor. Tiger Royal Guard was the strongest of them all, and he was a level three Martial Emperor!

Pitter! Patter!

A series of footsteps were heard outside the Full Energy Hall as more royal guards made their way there.

“Surrender, Darry!!” Sloan said coldly as she took a sharp breath.

Darryl laughed; he looked frantic. “Surrender? I’ll bury all of you here with my master today!”

The man was not afraid even though he knew that the New World had many elites.