The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1202

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1202 – Sect Master Aurora Hansen’s bedroom was in the deepest section of the Emei Sect’s building. It was a room with a lovely fragrance.

Aurora sat on the bed in a long, dark purple dress.

Many people said that Aurora Hansen was a goddess in the world of cultivators.

Seven years had gone by, and she had become sexier. She looked as if she had not aged a single day-her face as young as ever, and her figure was still as alluring as an ethereal fairy from heaven.

A fair young girl slept soundly on the bed. She was around seven or eight years old, and she looked adorable in a pink romper.

That young girl was Aurora and Darryl’s daughter.

Aurora had named her Eira Hansen. She wanted Eira to be like her–cold, proud, exceptional, and domineering.

At that moment, Aurora watched Eira silently; her eyes were full of tenderness and love. Ever since she became a mother, Aurora was much more gentle than before.

Of course, she only showed her gentle side when she was with her daughter. She was still Emei Sect’s high and mighty Sect Master.


At that moment, the room door was pushed open lightly. A woman walked in -it was Abbess Mother Serendipity.

She was like Aurora as well. Seven years had passed, and she was still equally as charming and gorgeous.

“Master, is Eira asleep?”

Abbess Mother Serendipity approached them. As she looked at Eira on the bed, she smiled and said gently, “This girl is highly gifted. It is hard enough to practice cultivation, and she even practiced her swordsmanship directly after that without any rest. She must be exhausted.”

Aurora hummed gently in reply. Her face was filled with relief-her daughter was talented, indeed. She was only seven years old, yet she had already mastered her mother’s secret technique-the Icy Dragon Punch.

Abbess Mother Serendipity continued to say, “We have such a gifted disciple; the Emei Sect would grow and expand well in the future. Master, I think we can train Eira to be the next Emei Sect Master. As for Megan Castello, I don’t think we can count on her.”

At the mention of Megan, Abbess Mother Serendipity got upset.

Megan was initially a senior sister in the Emei Sect. Aurora and Abbess Mother Serendipity had high expectations for her. She was also a candidate for their next Sect Master.

Ever since she met Darryl and been through so many hardships, she had stopped to work hard. She was no longer interested in cultivation, and she was easily distracted too.

Aurora smiled, but she did not say anything.

She had also planned to train Eira to be the next Sect Master, but the girl was still young. She wanted to wait a few more years before she would decide on that.

“Master!” At that moment, Abbess Mother Serendipity looked at Eira as the child slept soundly. She said curiously, “Eira is starting to look a lot like you. When this child grows up, she will be a gorgeous woman!”

Then, Abbess Mother Serendipity laughed. “Sometimes I wonder if Eira is yourlong-lost daughter!”


Aurora’s face flushed. She replied defiantly, “What long lost daughter? She is my adopted daughter; don’t repeat such things.”

Her face was calm, but she panicked.

Aurora had hidden the fact that Eira was her daughter. Other than Mister Red Leaf, no one in the Emei Sect knew about that.

She had always told everyone that Eira was adopted.

Aurora had gotten pregnant and married Mister Red Leaf. At first, she thought she could say that she was pregnant with Mister Red Leaf’s child. However, Aurora was worried that when her daughter grew up, she would not look like Mister Red Leaf-they might gossip behind her back.

So, Aurora decided to tell everyone that Eira was her adopted daughter.

At first, Abbess Mother Serendipity did not doubt the matter. However, as the years passed by, she noticed that Eira had begun to look like Aurora. Her beautiful face was like a copy of Aurora’s.

“Master, Eira does look like you, indeed,” Abbess Mother Serendipity said softly again.

“Sister Serendipity!” Aurora’s expression changed as she looked at Abbess Mother Serendipity and said, “I’ll say it once more-do not mention this again, Do you understand?”