The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1198

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1198 – They were Zoran Carter and his wife Susan, Debra Gable, Jewel, Yvonne Young, Sara, and the others were also with them.

Theyimmediately rushed over upon hearing that Darryl was back!

They realized that Darryl must have gotten the Dragon Essence upon entering the room when they saw Darryl hugging Little Fairy in his arms.

The entire room was in silence at that moment with no one saying a single word. Everyone’s eyes were on Little Fairy and waiting for a miracle to happen!

“Hmm…” Little Fairy’s body started regaining its warmth after a long time before she finally groaned softly and began to open her eyes.

“Irene!” Darryl was elated and yelled out loud before hugging her in his arms!

“Darryl?” Little Fairy was still weak and had not fully come to her senses at that moment, but sobered up upon hearing Darryl’s voice.

Little Fairy was overjoyed and surprised the next second upon noticing that it was truly Darryl before saying in confusion, “Aren’t I d**d? How can I still see you? Unless… Darryl are you d**d too? Are we in the underworld?”

“Pfft…” Darryl planned on saying lots of emotional stuff, but could not help and laughed upon hearing Little Fairy’s words. “My little wife is so kind, how could she d*e so easily. I’ve managed to get the Dragon Essence and rescued you, silly.”

“Haha!”‘ Little Fairy was way too interesting. She was such an adorable character-no wonder everyone likes her.

The others could not help but laugh too upon witnessing this scene.

“Ah, all of you are here too!” Little Fairy only realized she was not alone with Darryl upon hearing the waves of laughter. She suddenly blushed violently- wishing she could just dig a hole and hide.

How embarrassing for Darryl to call her ‘ Little Wife’ in front of everybody. Little Fairy immediately buried her embarrassed flushed face in Darryl’s embrace.

Sara walked over at that moment and could not hide the admiration in her heart before saying to Darryl, “Brother! You’re so amazing! You really managed to get the Dragon Essence! You…”

“Sara.” Zoran walked over and pulled Sara away before she could finish her sentence. “Little Fairy is still weak from just waking up and needs time to rest. Let’s not disturb her.”

Zoran then smiled at Darryl and exited the room before the other followed suit.

Darryl and Little Fairy’s relationship was no longer a secret in the Carter family.

Little Fairy pouted and rolled her eyes at Darryl when the crowd had left. ” Darryl, why are you so cheeky! There are so many people around just now. Why did you call me that!?”

Little Fairy’s blushing face looked unspeakably attractive as she said that.

Darryl looked at her with a mischievous smile and asked, “Why? Are you not willing to be my wife?!!

“I…” Little Fairy’s softened her gaze and blushed even more upon feeling the tenderness in Darryl’s eyes before burying her self into Darryl’s arms and gently said, “I do…”

Such matters were not that important to Little Fairy anymore after coming close to d***h once.

She only wanted to forever be with the man she loved the most at that moment and never be apart.

Darryl stopped talking at that moment and hugged Little Fairy tightly before kissing her.

Little Fairy had also shut her eyes and tightly wrapped her hands around Darryl’s neck.

Their bodies blend and become one.