The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1196

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1196 – This a****k landed squarely on Lily as fresh blood spurted out from her body and she was blasted back dozens of meters!

In truth, Quincy wanted to capture Darryl alive, so the internal energy used in this a****k was not strong. However, Lily would still not be able to handle it!

Quincy frowned and looked at Lily in a complicated way.

‘Who’s this woman? What’s going on? She doesn’t have any internal energy yet she willingly sacrifices herself to save Darryl? Is she nuts?’

“Lily!” Darryl’s eyes immediately reddened upon seeing Lily fell!


The next second, Darryl’s eyes locked onto Quincy and frostily said, “Quincy, I ‘ll never forgive you for hurting Lily. I won’t forgive you!”

He then violently attacked Quincy with his full might!

Quincy’s attention was still on Lily, so she could barely react as this a****k landed squarely on her chest!

She grunted and flew back at least a hundred meters and landed harshly on the beach!

“Pfft!” Quincy was concurrently frightened and angry at that moment. She wanted to say something but felt tightness in her chest before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Quincy could clearly feel excruciating pain in her chest at that moment. The power of Darryl’s a****k was too strong!

“Darryl, you’re seeking d***h!” Quincy gritted her teeth and could not wait to k**l him at that moment. However, she was badly injured and no longer could fight.

“I’ll remember this a****k!” Quincy coldly said while clutched her heart before turning around and leaving.

Darryl’s eyes reddened upon seeing Quincy’s back but did not chase after her nor was he in the mood to do so. Lily was the only one that mattered in Darryl’ s eyes at that very moment.

“Lily, are you alright?” Darryl looked at Lily’s pale face and his heart bled. ” Lily, are you alright? Are you alright, Lily…”

He said and walked over at the same time.

“Darryl, s-stop right there! Don’t come over!” Lily’s pale face smiled upon hearing Darryl calling out for her. She took a dagger out and placed it on her neck. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me and d-don’t come over here. I-I’ll k**l my self if you take one more step forward! I’ll k**l myself…”

Lily spat a mouthful of blood as she said that as Quincy’s a****k had almost smashed her internal organs to pieces after all!

“Lily!” Darryl almost lost it and his tears fell. “Lily, will you let me hug you? Are you alright? Are you heavily injured? Please let me hug you, I beg of you. Do you know that my heart has always considered you as my wife? Always…”

Lily felt as if her heart was about to melt upon hearing those words as tears fell from her face.

However, Lily still shook her head and wailed, “We cannot be together anymore! Darryl, forget about me. Let’s not meet each other again!”

She was extremely upset and almost passed out when she said that.


Darryl’s mind went blank. “Lily, why? Why…”

“I…”” Lily bit her lip as she let her tears fall from her face and sobbed, “Do you know that I’m an ugly person and is now not worthy of you…”

Lily simply ripped off her mask at that instance.

Darryl was instantly stunned and in a daze upon seeing half of Lily’s blackened face.

It was not until at this moment that Darryl finally understood why Lily had been avoiding him.

“Lily, my silly Lily…”

At that moment, Darryl could not stop his tears and wailed, “You’ll always be most beautiful to me at heart no matter what you’ve become! How could I ever despise you? Lily, my silly Lily…”