The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1187

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1187 – He could explain to the Emperor as long as the Princess was found.

“Stay back!”

However, Yvette coldly yelled with her unfriendly expression, “I’ll k**l myself if you come any closer.”

She then drew her longsword and placed it on her neck.


Sawyer felt awkward and immediately stopped his tracks before bitterly smiled and said, “Princess, I’m your husband appointed by the Emperor after all. You can’t just shut me out.”

Yvette was angry and embarrassed upon hearing those words and curtly said, “Who says you’re my husband? Don’t mention this in front of me in the future.”

“Alright! I won’t”

Sawyer immediately waved his hands and patiently said, “Princess, follow me back to the palace. You’ve walked for a day and night. The Emperor and Empress are worried sick.”

Yvette looked at him coldly without saying anything while secretly planning her escape.

At this moment, Sawyer continued, “His Majesty has shown mercy and decided not to k**l this child.”

‘What? Father is showing mercy?’

Yvette was stunned and looked at Sawyer before asking, “How did this happen?”

“I previously visited him and personally begged for this child’s life,” said Sawyer seriously before slowly continuing, “His Majesty finally took my advice. Princess, I know you looked down on me, but I’m willing to do anything for you!”

Yvette let out a long sigh with that thought in mind and asked, “What has Father Emperor decided to do with Ambrose?”

Sawyer contemplated for a while before slowly saying, “His Majesty said that he won’t k**l Ambrose but wants Ambrose sent to the barracks and do hard labor!”

That statement was indeed true. Yvette was the New World Emperor’s most favorite daughter and he got worried for her when she left. In order so that his daughter would return to him, he decided to take a step back and spared Ambrose and send him to the barracks instead.

‘What? Sent to the barracks and do heavy labor? Ambrose is only a two- year-old child.’

Yvette’s expressions changed and silently trembled while she subconsciously hugged Ambrose tighter at the same time.

“Woo!” Sawyer took a deep breath upon noticing her expression changes while looking at the child in her arms. He patiently advised, “Princess, sending Ambrose to the barracks is the most His Majesty can accommodate. Please don’t continue to harp on it.”

He then continued, “This child seems seriously sick. You will only worsen his condition if you continue running around with him. Why don’t you follow me back to the palace and I’ll get the doctor to treat him immediately? We’ll send him to the barracks once he’s fully healed.”

“However…” Yvette was extremely conflicted at that moment and said, “However, he’s still so young. How can he handle being in the barracks?”

“Princess!” Sawyer was also getting anxious but still smiled bitterly and comforted, “Even though it’s tough being in the barracks, at least you’ve saved his life.”

These words hit Yvette where it mattered most.

Yes, at least Ambrose will live even though he might be sent to the barracks. He might d*e on the way if she continued bringing him around to seek treatment.

Based on the current situation, only the palace doctors can save him at that moment after all.

Yvette bit her lip hard and it almost bled as she contemplated and finally nodded, “Alright! I’ll follow you back to the palace.”

‘Haha! The princess finally agreed! That’s awesome!’

Sawyer was overjoyed as he immediately turned around and yelled toward the Royal Army. “Quickly, send the Princess back to the palace!”

“Woola!” Dozens of soldiers immediately approached and escorted Yvette back toward the palace.

In a short while, they reached the palace with Sawyer leading Yvette and Ambrose. Sawyer immediately called for the doctor the moment they reached the palace.

Yvette bit her lip hard upon seeing Ambrose being taken away by the doctor and felt extremely reluctant.

I’m so sorry Ambrose. For the sake of preserving your life, you’ll be sent to the barracks once you’ve been healed. Don’t worry, I’ll visit you often.’