The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1182

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1182 – “What are you laughing about, Eunuch?” Stanley could not help but walked over and sneered at Darryl.

The Eunuch already infuriated many from his lack of having any etiquette shown just moments ago when the Empress gave him a seat. At that moment, he was laughing insultingly at Stanley’s poem.

Stanley instantly felt utterly humiliated as the fury in his heart suddenly surfaced.

Darryl smiled upon feeling Stanley’s anger and said, “I wasn’t laughing at anything.” Darryl was completely indifferent when he said that.

At that moment, the Empress looked at Darryl and gently asked, “Are you of the opinion that Official Stanley’s poem isn’t good?”

DarryI’s reaction was too obvious and one could see it as long as they were not an i***t.

“Hmm…” Darryl scratched his head and casually said, “Well, it’s just mediocre.”

‘What? Mediocre?’

Everyone present was stunned upon hearing his words.

Such bold words from a eunuch!

“What an arrogant little eunuch!” At that moment, a civil official stood up and reprimanded Darryl, “Do you know who’s standing in front of you? One of the great literary geniuses, Stanley Park! The poems he has written are more than what you can know. How dare you say his poems are mediocre?”

The other civil officials nodded in agreement and started hurling accusations at the same time upon hearing those words.

‘Great literary genius?’ Darryl smiled in dismissal.

At that moment, the Empress looked at Darryl and gently said, “Let’s see your talents in poetry then since you said that Official Stanley’s poem is mediocre!”

“I…”” Upon those words, Darryl immediately and humbly replied, “Your Majesty, I only know a little and there is no whatsoever talent.”


Stanley and the other civil officials instantly could not help but start laughing.

The next second, one of the officials could not hide his detest and said to Darryl, “Don’t simply comment on Master Stanley’s poetry if that’s the case!”

The others immediately chimed in.

“Yes, what can a little eunuch know about poetry!”

“I think he just got arrogant because Her Majesty awarded a seat to him. He’s starting to forget his place.”

Stanley had a condescending expression. However, he dared not say anything too excessive since the Empress was still there. He pretended to be generous and waved his hands. “It’s fine. He’s just a little ‘eunuch. Come, pour wine for us and I’ll let this go!”

‘Interesting! This ‘Great Literary Genius’ is trying to act all high and mighty.’ Darryl was unhappy at Stanley’s attitude and laughed before saying, ” Master Stanley, your poetry is really nothing much in all honesty.”


The entire courtyard was in an uproar upon Darryl’s words!

At that instant, both civil officials and palace maids were discussing in whispers among themselves.

“This little eunuch…”

“He really doesn’t know his place…”

At the same time, Stanley was so aggravated that his goatee almost flew up. He looked at Darryl coldly and said, “Ok! It looks like this little eunuch could come up with a better poem than me. If that’s the case, recite your poetry out and let all of us hear. Let me have a good listen!”

“Yes! Write one out if you’re so great!”