The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1181

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1181 – Darryl had decided at that moment.

He could only find the opportunity to steal the Dragon Essence back from Quincy since he could not get it from the Empress.

What?’ Those few civil officials were stunned and furious in their hearts at that instance upon watching Darryl’s action.

‘This b****y eunuch!’

‘Her Majesty allowed him not to kneel in the future, but he should still kneel now to show his gratitude. How dare he immediately sit down? How unruly!’

The Empress also frowned but did not reprimand Darryl as she had a generous personality.

The Empress looked at the few officials after sipping some tea and smiled. “My fellow officials, it’s been a while now. Does anyone have a good verse for me?”

The Empress’s beautiful face was filled with urgency when she said that.

A spring snowfall happened in the Royal City two days ago! The entire palace became beautifully covered in the silver snow.

The Empress loved poetry, so she gathered these civil officials for them to enjoy the scenery and create poems.

‘F*ck! It’s poetry again!’ Darryl appeared to be sitting there while drinking tea in boredom, but his heart was secretly feeling anxious.

He was not in the mood to listen to their poetry, as he had not gotten the Dragon Essence. However, he could not leave as the Empress deliberately gave him a special seat.

At that moment, Darryl was restless and fidgety. He wanted to leave but he did not dare, so he could only be patient and wait for the right time.

“Your Majesty!”

At that moment, a civil official with a goatee stood up and respectfully said, “I have a poem, please give me your opinions!”

This man was a famous genius in the South Cloud World called Stanley Park. He had a standing reputation among the hundreds of officials in addition to the Empress’s constant admiration.

“Great!” The Empress smiled, slowly lifted her hands, and signal Stanley to start reciting his poem.

The other officials looked at him with hopes and respect.

Rumors mentioned that Stanley started writing poems at the age of seven. He became a high-level civil official at the age of 20 with his active mind and eloquent speeches-one of the great literary men in the South Cloud World.

Any poem which came out from his mouth would be good.

However, Darryl had an indifferent expression. He did not bother joining them-only pouring tea and sipping it by himself as though nobody was watching.

Stanley smiled, cleared his throat, and slowly started reciting under everyone’s attention.

“Snow fell in the palace last night,

“She wandered in the West Bridge,

“All because she was in white,

“The beauty of the world withered.”

Stanley’s expression was unspeakably proud as he recited the last stanza.


Instantly, the crowd burst into praises. The other civil officials could not help but applaud and praise Stanley.

“Great poem, such a great poem!”

“It’s amazing how well you’ve painted the mood!”

“Only Official Stanley could write such a great poem in this age and time.”

The Empress nodded in agreement and could not hide the praises in her heart. She looked smilingly at Stanley and said, “Official Stanley, you’re really the greatest literary giant in my dynasty. The poem was great!”

“Pfft!” However, Darryl just drank a mouthful of tea at that moment and could not help but spat it all out.

‘F*ck me! You call this a f*cking poem? It’s completely doggerel. How interesting! The literary standards in the South Cloud World are too shallow!’


The eyes of the Empress, the few civil officials, and the surrounding palace maids were instantly on Darryl.