The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 118

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 118 – “You’re lucky that you met me today, or else you’d be d**d in no time,” Darryl scoffed as he put the Bicolor Flower into the clay pot. He began to prepare the other ingredients.

Other than the Bicolor Flower, the antidote required rice vinegar and peony petals. Darryl stupefied Skyler as he watched him work.

Was he refining the antidote right there? Did he know the recipe, or was he just pretending? The Heaven Cult Elixir’s antidote… How could someone else other than the Grandmaster know about it?

Questions flooded Skyler’s mind. Finally, an elixir appeared in Darryl’s hand. He was done!

“Eat it,” Darryl demanded as he put the pill in Skyler ‘s mouth. Although Darryl seemed calm, he was nervous deep down. If the pill did not work and Skyler died, the disciples outside would assume he k****d Skyler. It would turn out mortifying.

However, Darryl was overthinking. In less than five minutes, Skyler’s pale face returned to normal, and his body stopped twitching.

Darryl sighed in relief. It seemed that the ’Infinite Elixir’ was true! He had successfully refined two Elixirs, first the Godly pill, and now this antidote.

“Thank you…thank you!” Skyler finally stood up, staggering.

What happened next caught Darryl entirely off guard.

Skyler dropped to his knees with tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Darryl… Oh, no. Brother Darryl, please save my brothers. They all ingested the Elixir a day later than I did. Without the antidote, they will d*e tomorrow. Please, I beg you…” he sobbed.

With that, he bowed his head onto the ground three times.

Darryl lowered his head to look at him and sighed.

To be honest, the Heaven Cult did not make a good impression on him. As they said, this cult was full of evil and violent disciples. Yet, as he looked at Skyler—who begged on behalf of his brothers—he knew he was a man of his words. Even as a high- ranking Master, he went on his knees to plead for the lives of his brothers!

Skyler’s act moved Daryl as he nodded.

“Skyler, I’m very impressed by how you treat your brothers. However, to make this antidote, I’ll need an essential ingredient. It is the Bicolor Flower that I used.”

Excitement filled Skyler’s face.

“Brother Darryl, this ingredient is not difficult to find. I know a place with plenty of Bicolor Flowers! However, the place is dangerous, with many beasts lurking around. Don’t worry; I’ll ask my brothers to get them for you. I could bring you there with us if you’d prefer!”

Darryl was enthralled! He knew that the Bicolor Flower was the critical ingredient in many recipes. If he could get ahold of a large number of flowers, he could refine other elixirs. To him, this was something meaningful.

“I’ll ask my brothers to pick the flowers right now!” Skyler beamed as turned around, preparing to leave. After a few stepped, he turned back again and bowed down to Darryl.

“Brother Darryl, I came here today to look for trouble, yet you saved my life. I salute your kindness! From today onwards, I will follow you around to do anything you instruct me to.”

With that, urgent sincerity glimmered in his eyes. “ Brother Darryl,” Skyler exclaimed. “Please be our Hall Master! I will hand over my position to you!”


To join the Heaven Cult? Darryl was caught off guard, wanting to reject the offer instinctively. This cult was full of violence. He did not want to get involved with it, but he needed an excuse to reject the offer.

“You’re kidding me!” Darryl smiled bitterly. “How could you simply hand over your position? Didn’t the Grandmaster appoint you?”

“Brother Darryl, you’re mistaken, ” Skyler shook his head. “In the Heaven Cult, only the Yin and Yang Messengers and the Four Guardian Kings were elected by the Grandmaster. As for the Hall Master, it is usually appointed by the brothers. We merely have to inform the Guardian King above us. The White Tiger governs the Hall in Donghai City. Once Brother Darryl agrees, I’ll report to the White Tiger right away. What do you say?”


A glint of disappointment flashed on Skyler’s face. “ To Brother Darryl, we might come across as a cult; I won’t be surprised if you don’t want to be a part of us.”

Darryl waved his hand, hastily, “No, you’re mistaken! I did not look down on you,” he interjected. Following that, Darryl gritted his teeth and announced, “Fine, I promise you.”

He had no way to reject him. They were a bunch of sincere and honest men. He just could not!

“That’s great news!” Skyler was pleased. He knelt on his knees, “Greetings to our Hall Master from your disciple, Skyler Burr.”

“Please get up, ” Darryl helped him up.

D**n it, what just happened? Have I become a Hall Master?

Skyler was bursting with excitement beside him. “ Brother Darryl, I’ll inform the brothers to pick the Bicolor Flowers right away!” he exclaimed and left with the other men hurriedly.

In the living room, the three women who were tied up sighed in relief after seeing the men leave. They had no idea what had happened since Darryl and Skyler talked in the bedroom.

Darryl waltzed into the living room with a joyful smile, ready to untie them. His determination was strong; having three beautiful ladies in front of him, not tempting whatsoever. They were even tied up!

As he walked closer to them, their light fragrance grew stronger. Yvonne was in a long dress, gentle and elegant; Lily was in tight shorts, hot and s**y; and Jade was in a mini-skirt, her fair legs charming. Even the Heaven Cult disciples had a hard time containing themselves while looking at them.