The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1176

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1176 – “This is really unexpected that Lord Kenny’s life is going to end this way.”

“Did you hear that Lord Kenny was convicted for deceiving the Emperor because he released this loose woman, Monica? That’s why he’s going to be decapitated.”

“Oh no, no wonder. Losing his life for such a woman. He was really asking for it.”

Lord Kenny looked down, pretending he did not hear the gossip, and let the cold rain wash over him.

It was a rainy day again. It was also raining when his wife was framed and sent to the parade. This sparked images of Monica in Lord Kenny’s mind. The memories caused him to smile.

‘Dear, are you doing alright? I was not able to protect Ambrose, and I’m too ashamed to meet you again.’

Lord Kenny did not know Yvette had rescued Ambrose and escaped with him.

“Time’s up. Prepare for the e*******n!” the executioner’s cold voice said as the beheader raised his big blade.

At that moment, Lord Kenny had completely lost hope and shut his eyes, feeling devastated. The room was silent as the surrounding citizens stared coldly at him.

When Monica had been paraded on the street, many people had thrown eggs and stones at her. Lord Kenny had imprisoned some of those people out of anger, so these people hated him.

Everyone felt Lord Kenny had asked for it; no one pitied him.

“Execute him!” the executioner stood slowly.

The beheader spat out a mouthful of wine on the blade and swung his blade towards Lord Kenny.


Suddenly, a ray of light came from nearby and landed right on the beheader’s long blade!

After the loud bang, a jade pin flew over.

The beheader was shocked as he staggered back a few steps before he finally managed to stabilize his body.

The executioner was furious. “Who are you? How dare you!”

A lady appeared through the rain wearing a long, snow-white dress and looked extremely beautiful. She looked just like a goddess from heaven!

The people were amazed by her beauty.

The woman looked around 30 years old, and her figure was exquisite and extremely elegant. However, she exuded a very strong aura! The woman was Celeste Trone, the Sect Master of the Spiritual Invisible Sect. It was the New World’s top assassin organization. She was also Lily’s Master.

“Who are you?” the executioner was amazed by Celeste’s beauty too, but soon he gathered his thoughts and scolded, “Take her down!”

As he spoke, a dozen Royal Guards rushed forward.

Celeste smiled lightly as she moved her sleeves, and the surrounding air spun.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before they could realize what was going on, the guards fainted one by one.

Next, Celeste walked slowly towards Lord Kenny and said softly, “Lord Kenny, I’ll take you out of here. Don’t worry, as long as I’m here; no one will be able to harm you.”

As an assassin from New World’s top assassin organization, Celeste had k****d countless people and never missed! The only times she missed was when she attempted to assassinate Darryl. She had missed her shot multiple times, and Darryl was still perfectly alive!

In order to k**l Darryl, Lord Kenny had spent a huge sum of money. However, after receiving the money, the Spiritual Invisible Sect could not get the job done. Celeste will never forget that as she felt indebted to Lord Kenny.

When Celeste passed by the Royal City and heard that Lord Kenny was going to be executed, she rushed over to rescue Lord Kenny to repay him.

Lord Kenny was stunned and could not help but ask, “You…Who are you?”

Lord Kenny had ordered his people to make sure Darryl got assassinated, so he had never met Celeste before.