The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1175

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1175 – The next second, Yvette was carrying Ambrose in her arms. Seeing Ambrose’s tiny body, she felt extremely sorry for him. Her heart ached as she held him even tighter/ Ambrose, you are such a good boy. Auntie is here to rescue you.”

Yvette scanned the p****n cells. Before arriving, Yvette had decided that she would rescue Lord Kenny too.

During the day at the main hall, the New World Emperor ordered Lord Kenny and Ambrose to be locked up separately. She could only see Ambrose. She sighed as she carried him and walked out quickly.


Seeing that, the two royal guards outside were extremely worried, but they dared not stop her.

Yvette remained silent as she carried Ambrose in her arms and leaped forward. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared into the darkness.

“What shall we do now?” the two Royal Guards looked at each other as they watched Yvette run away. They were both terrified.

The Emperor had sentenced the child to d***h, and now he was missing. They could not escape being responsible for this.

“We shall report this to His Majesty.”

Soon, after some discussion, they ran towards the Emperor’s bedroom.

At that moment, the Empress was in the bedroom drinking wine with the New World Emperor.

To be honest, Lord Kenny was not only a relative of the royal family, but he was very loyal to the Emperor.

However, he had committed the offense of deceiving the Emperor and protected Ambrose in front of everyone. If he did not sentence him to d***h, he would lose his honor as the Emperor.

Seeing how unhappy the New World Emperor was, the Empress tried to console him. “Your Majesty, stop drinking and stop feeling bad. This was Lord Kenny’s destiny. You should not blame yourself.”

“You’re right,” The New World Emperor nodded and was about to go to bed with the Empress.

“Your Majesty!” a terrified voice cried from outside their bedroom.

It was the two Royal Guards from the p****n.

“What is the problem? Why are you panicking late at night?” the Emperor grumbled, upset.

“Your Majesty!” The royal guard was sweating profusely and stuttered,” J-just now; Princess Yvette came to the p-p****n, a-and took the child away!”

Hearing that, the New World Emperor was enraged. He stood up angrily and shouted, “Seal the entire Royal City and put up ‘wanted’ pictures of Princess Yvette and the child. Bring them back to me immediately once they are found!”

The New World Emperor’s eyes were blood red, and the Empress, who stood to the side, became extremely worried.

‘What happened?’ she wondered.

The Emperor had been stressed. What trouble did Yvette cause this time?

However, after a whole night, the royal guards had searched the entire Royal City, but Yvette and Ambrose were nowhere to be found.

Enraged, the New World Emperor increased the manpower of the Royal Guards and expanded the search. Meanwhile, Sawyer had also been sent to look for the Princess and the child.

The next day, the north wind blew, and cold winter rain began to fall.

On an empty plot of land outside the palace doors, an e*******n platform was built. Many citizens gathered around the e*******n platform, and some were on their toes just to take a look.

The news about Lord Kenny’s d***h sentence had spread all over the Royal City. Early this morning, almost all the Royal City citizens came to watch what was going on.

Then, the palace door opened, and Lord Kenny, who was in prisoners’ clothes and had his hands tied with steel chains, was brought out by the royal guards.

Lord Kenny looked calm and lifeless at that moment. His eyes were d**d, and he had lost all his pride. He looked really pitiful.

Seeing that, all the citizens broke into whispers and talked amongst themselves.