The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1172

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1172 – Ambrose sobbed and replied, “Mother is with a weird uncle. The weird uncle is crazy. I’m scared of him. Father, I miss mother…”

The crazy uncle that Ambrose mentioned was the Cult Master of the Grandmaster Heaven Cult. He was insane, so Ambrose called him a weird uncle.

‘Weird uncle?’ when Lord Kenny heard that, he furrowed his brows in confusion. ‘Didn’t my dear go back to the World Universe to look for Darryl? Why was she with a crazy man?’


At that moment, the New World Emperor could not take it anymore. He slammed his fists hard on the dragon chair and stared at Lord Kenny as he shouted, “Lord Kenny, what is going on?”

Lord Kenny gathered his thoughts and kneeled in fear immediately. ” Your Majesty, there must be a misunderstanding; this child is not related to the traitor.”

“Really? Explain,” the New world Emperor said coldly as his eyes shone while his expression became dark.

When Ambrose called Lord Kenny ‘father’, the Emperor already knew that the boy was Monica’s son. However, that was not important!

What made the New World Emperor furious was that everyone in the royal city knew about it when the secret affair between Monica and the stableman was revealed. The Emperor had given Lord Kenny orders to execute Monica and her child. Lord Kenny had agreed, but he went against the order and secretly released the mother and child?!

Disobeying the Emperor’s direct order was a great offense. How could he not be furious?!

Lord Kenny still did not realize the trouble he was getting him self into.” Your Majesty! I raised this child since he was born. He is kind, cute, and adorable. How could he have any relation with the traitor?!”

The New World Emperor was furious as his glare was so intense it was as if they were shooting out flames. “Lord Kenny!” Do you know you are guilty? I ordered you to execute Monica and her child. But now, the child is still alive, and the woman is not d**d yet. Explain yourself!”

“I…” Lord Kenny was shocked and suddenly realized what was wrong. His legs were weak, and he could not speak.

‘Sh*t!’ This was his greatest fear. His head was sweating profusely, and at that moment, all he could do was kneel. “Your Majesty, I was wrong!”

The New World Emperor looked at Lord Kenny and said coldly, “You are wrong? Tell me what you did wrong. Say it yourself.”

“I…I should not have disobeyed Your Majesty. However, Your Majesty, Monica, and her son were innocent. The incident about Monica’s affair with the stableman was not of her own doing. She was framed. She-” Lord Kenny replied softly.

His head was spinning, and he could not calm his fears at all.

Not waiting for him to finish, the New World Emperor interrupted, “Lord Kenny, let me tell you. Monica is not a stupid woman. They joined the Grandmaster Heaven Cult right after you released her. What is your explanation for this? Tell me now, are you related to Grandmaster Heaven Cult as well?”

“Your Majesty!” Lord Kenny’s face became enraged, and he said immediately, “I am not related to Grandmaster Heaven Cult at all. I serve the royal family and the New World. I have been loyal. How would I have any relations with Grandmaster Heaven Cult?”

Lord Kenny felt like he was being bullied. He had been faithful to the New World Emperor’s orders all these years and had even gone to war in the north and the south for the New World. He contributed greatly to this nation! He had been obedient to the New World Emperor all this time. However, when the New World Emperor ordered him to execute Monica and her son, he really could not do it! He had to go against the order! He swore that was the first time he went against the Emperor’s orders!


At that moment, the New World Emperor took a deep breath and said deeply as he looked at Lord Kenny, “I cannot be bothered to hear all your excuses! At the end of the day, you have disobeyed my order to k**l the mother and son. For deceiving the Emperor, you will be sentenced to d***h. Capture Lord Kenny and have him beheaded tomorrow at noon outside the palace!”


Lord Kenny’s face paled. He could not stand it anymore; he fell, sitting p*******d on the ground.

The entire main hall of the palace was in an uproar.