The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1169

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1169 – Fletcher’s face became red as he faced Princess Evergreen’s questioning.

“Princess Evergreen, you have misunderstood. I was not going to hit this eunuch; I’m just joking with him,” he responded, smiling but inside, he was frustrated.

It was funny that Princess Evergreen, who always mistreated her servants, was protecting the little eunuch. What a rare sight!

Princess Evergreen furrowed her brows as she said coldly,”Joke? I don’ t think so. I saw you attacking him.”

Princess Evergreen had seen what happened clearly. Although Fletcher had retreated his hand just in time, his deadly aura was still visible.

“Your Highness, you must have misunderstood.” Fletcher smiled bitterly, putting on an innocent face. “I was just joking with this little eunuch. He had earlier helped to uphold the South Cloud World’s reputation. Why would I a****k him? If you don’t believe me, you can ask the rest of the Ministers.”

As he said, all the Ministers nodded in agreement immediately.

“That’s right, Princess, you have misunderstood General Fletcher.”

“General Fletcher would never use his fists to battle a eunuch.”

Honestly, none of the Ministers wanted to help Fletcher with his lies, but they had no choice. Fletcher was the Empress’ favorite person, and he was well respected; they did not want to mess with him.

Seeing that, Darryl laughed coldly but did not speak.

The General could lie without blinking his eyes.

Seeing what the others said, Princess Evergreen had nothing to say too. She smiled and said to Darryl, “Let’s go!”

As she spoke, she walked towards the direction of Forever Green Palace.

Darryl followed behind her. To be honest, Darryl did not want to have any relationship with Princess Evergreen. However, he still could not locate the Dragon Essence.

‘I needed to continue investigating the palace; as such, I need Princess Evergreen’s protection for now.’

Once they arrived at the Forever Green Palace, Princess Evergreen turned arrogant again. She held Darryl’s arms and said impatiently,” Brother Darryl, let’s play a game. You will be the Master, and I will be the maid; I will massage your feet for you.”

‘Sh*t! The same game every day; isn’t she bored?’ he thought.

Darryl wanted to cry; he was thinking how he was going to reject her. Right at that moment, a maid spoke from outside, “Your Highness, Her Majesty has invited eunuch Darryl to meet at the Prosperous Cloud Palace.”

At that moment, the maid pointed at Darryl with admiration in her eyes.

The news about Darryl solving the challenge set by the Westrington diplomat had spread like wildfire to all corners of the palace.

Hearing that, Princess Evergreen was not happy as she waved her hands impatiently. “Fine, leave now!”

“Yes!” The maid left immediately.

Princess Evergreen turned to look at Darryl as she smiled, “Brother Darryl, Her Majesty wanted to meet you. She must want to reward you, so you better hurry. Go quickly and come back quickly too. I’ll be waiting to play with you.”

“Fine!” Darryl smiled and nodded his head.

He left immediately under the watchful gaze of Princess Evergreen.

“I thought the Empress had forgotten about my reward.”

Darryl was excited as he thought, ‘If the Empress were to ask me what I wanted as a reward, I would definitely say the Dragon Essence in Quincy’s hand.

The Empress would definitely honor her words.

By then, no matter how unwilling Quincy was, she would not be able to go against the Empress’ orders.

Soon Darryl was brought to Prosperous Cloud Palace by a maid.

Prosperous Cloud Palace was the usual place where the Empress gathered the Ministers to meet. There was a garden outside of the Prosperous Cloud Palace, and the environment was peaceful.