The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1165

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1165 – Yoel sighed and looked at the Empress, pretending to feel pity. “Your Majesty, before I arrived, I thought that there were so many talented, wise people in the South Cloud World. I thought that there would definitely be someone that could put the thread through the hole. Your Majesty, please don’t be mad. This is not a task for ordinary people.”

It was obvious what Yoel was hinting at.

“Although your South Cloud World looked capable, the people are all brawn with no brains. There is not a single truly capable person. None!’

When the Empress heard that, her incredibly beautiful face darkened, however, she maintained her composure due to her position as a royal.

Fletcher and the rest of the Ministers were furious.

However, it was the fact that none of them were able to put the thread through. Everyone could only stare at Yoel furiously while remaining silent.

Darryl stared at the jade quietly, his brows furrowed.

‘How fascinating this thing is. How can we solve it?’ he thought.

Darryl had considered many ways to solve it, but none of them worked. In the end, he used his telepathy to communicate with Pang Tong and Yuan Tiangang in the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda.

‘Do you all have any way to solve this?” Darryl asked telepathically.

To be honest, Darryl was not trying to help the South Cloud World; he was merely curious.

Pang Tong and Yuan Tiangang were both famous wise men in World Universe history; they should be able to figure out a way to solve that.

Pang Tong and Yuan Tiangang were silent in the Pagoda and started to think of solutions quietly.


A few seconds later, Pang Tong figured something out and laughed. He said to Darryl, “Master, I have a way…”

From there, Pang Tong explained the entire method.

No wonder he was a genius and was regarded as smart as Zhuge Liang! What a fantastic idea!

Darryl was delighted when he heard Pang Tong’s idea, and a smile appeared on his face.

Yoel looked around and smiled at the Empress as he said, “Your Majesty, there seems to be no one that is able to put the thread through. Your Majesty, you have no faith in the Nine Curves Jade. However, it is still good to be kept in your bedroom for you to admire it.”

His sarcastic words were a complete humiliation.

All of the Ministers were not dumb. How could they not know the actual meaning of his words?

Fletcher’s face turned red. He could not stop himself from walking forward and shouting at Yoel, “Who said that no one could get it through? Do not look down on the South Cloud World!”

Yoel smiled and replied lazily, “Really? It seems like General Fletcher’s figured out a way?”

“I…” Fletcher was so furious, but he could not utter a single word.

At that moment, Fletcher was furious. If it was a martial battle, he would never be worried. Yoel had used the Nine Curves Jade to make him look bad. It was irritating.

“No one can do it?”

At that moment, the Empress could not sit any longer. Her face was cold as she stared around, “This is my order. I shall give a big reward to anyone who can put the thread through the Nine Curves Jade!”

‘How can the South Cloud World be humiliated by just a Nine Curves Jade?! The Westrington Diplomat cannot make us a laughing stock.’

The loud, clear voice of the Empress spread clearly over the entire Main Hall.

However, all the Ministers present were ashamed and dared not raise their heads. No one responded.

Everyone knew that this was the perfect time to show their capability to the Empress, but none of them were capable of doing so.

“Your Majesty, please may I try!” a voice was heard from the side, followed by a figure walking out.

It was Darryl.

Darryl was wearing the eunuch uniform at that moment. The way he was dressed was a big contrast to the confidence he had.

Princess Evergreen was worried when she saw him walking out.

“Brother Darry!! What are you doing? Get back here now!” she whispered.

‘Is he crazy? If all the Ministers were not able to do it, what chance did he have? You are only a eunuch. If he isn’t successful, the Westrington diplomat would just laugh at us. The entire royal family will be humiliated. More importantly, my mother’s so furious and she would sentence him to d***h. Who will play with me in the future?”

Princess Evergreen was extremely worried.

Darryl, in contrast, was calm as he looked at Princess Evergreen, consoling her.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on Darryl, and they looked puzzled.

“Is this just a eunuch trying to show off?”

“This guy just wants to show off because he heard about the reward. He’s asking for d***h!”

“All of us couldn’t do it; you think you can?”

Yoel was stunned. He looked at Darryl and could not help but laughed,” There is no one else in the South Cloud World? None of the Ministers could solve it, so you resorted to sending a eunuch instead?”

With those words, everyone looked ashamed. Yoel was sarcastic, but it was the truth. How could South Cloud World allow a eunuch to meet the challenge?

‘It’s him again!” the Empress thought before she shouted at Darryl, “Get out!”

‘This eunuch played wildly with Princess Evergreen, and I had forgiven him. How dare he make a fool of himself again in the main hall. Does he wish to d*e?’ she thought.

Darryl did not panic at all when he felt the Empress’s anger.

“Your Majesty, I have a way to get the thread through,” he said, smiling, looking calm and confident.

Of course, the way was the one Yuan Tiangang had just told him.