The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1164

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1164 – No one was sure who had said that as everyone was focused on the jade.

Everyone knew that Westrington was well-known for its jade production. The jade in Yoel’s hands was pure white and flawless, the greatest treasure of all time.

“What an exquisite piece of jade! It would be so beautiful if you could put a string through it and make it into a necklace.”

“Yes, Her Majesty is so beautiful. If this jade were to be made into a pendant for her, it would be a perfect match for a perfect beauty!”

The Empress smiled briefly, hearing the Ministers’ words. Although she was royalty and the ruler of a continent, she was also a woman who loved to be beautiful. The Empress was delighted by the kind words of the Ministers.

At that moment, Yoel smiled as he walked a few steps forward, and raised the jade in his hand, and said, “Your Majesty! This beautiful jade is called the Nine Curves Jade. This is a treasure that is well sought after by everyone in Westrington! Three years ago, when the Westrington continent was still not united, the different clans would always challenge each other. It would bring pride to their clan if they could obtain this jade. Finally, once the Westrington Emperor united everyone, this Nine Curves Jade ended up in the hands of our Emperor!”

Everyone’s face looked serious, and the main hall was in complete silence.

At that moment, Yoel smiled and continued, “The reason for this jade’s name is because of this tiny hole on the surface of the jade. There are nine curves and eighteen turns in the tiny hole. If you wish to wear this beautiful jade on your neck, then you would need to put a thread over the beautiful jade as the tiny hole won’t allow a thread to pass through it. Therefore, till this day, no one has ever worn this beautiful jade on their neck.”

As he spoke, Yoel held the jade and displayed it in front of the Ministers.

Everyone could see that there was a tiny hole in the middle of the beautiful jade. The small hole was not straight, but there were a full eighteen turns.

Yoel laughed and said to the Empress, “Your Majesty, before I arrived at the main hall, I wanted to use a red thread to go through the Nine Curves Jade so that Your Majesty could wear it on her body. However, the thread is too soft, and there was no way for it to get through the tiny hole. I wasn’t born smart; I could not figure out a way to put the red thread through.”

Yoel took out a red thread from his person and said, “However, I heard that there are plenty of resources and wise people at South Cloud World. All the Ministers present are highly intelligent. I believe all of you will know a way to put the thread through.”

The Westrington Emperor gave Yoel a mission on his diplomatic trip to find out the South Cloud World’s real abilities. South Cloud World’s Ministers were all so powerful. He knew in his heart; it was impossible to defeat the South Cloud World with a real battle. However, he could not waste his trip there. He had to humiliate the Ministers of South Cloud World so that he could report that to the Westrington Emperor when he returned.

At that moment, the Ministers broke into discussion instantly.

“This tiny hole had eighteen turns; how could a thread go through it?”

“That’s right, it is impossible.”

Darryl furrowed his brows as he stared at the Nine Curves Jade. He became interested in it.

Using a thread to go through a tiny, curved hole in a beautiful jade would be impossible for an ordinary person. Even cultivators would need to be extremely careful not to use their internal energy. The Nine Curves Jade was extremely fragile and would crack easily if one was not careful.

It was obvious that the Westrington diplomat was trying to pose an impossible task to the Ministers to humiliate them.

Fletcher walked forward confidently. “Let me try! Isn’t it easy to just get the thread through it?”

Yeol smiled and handed over the Nine Curves Jade and red thread to him.

Fletcher took them and started working. At first, Fletcher thought if he used his internal energy to control the thread, it would go through the jade easily. However, Fletcher soon realized that the jade was not only rare but extremely fragile too. He could not take the risk and decided against using his internal energy.

After a few minutes had passed, Fletcher began sweating profusely but made no progress at all. The tiny hole had so many twists and turns that it was impossible to put the thread through it.

Watching him struggle, Yoel grinned. “When the Nine Curves Jade first ended up in the Westrington Emperor’s hand, many people had tried countless times, but none of them succeeded. Even though all your people at South Cloud World are powerful, none of them could do it too.’

“How are you doing, General Fletcher?” the Empress who was sitting there asked gently.

The Empress could see that the reason Yoel presented the Nine Curves Jade was to humiliate her Ministers and her.

However, Fletcher was her most respected Minister. He was powerful and talented. He must have a way to solve it.

Fletcher blushed in embarrassment. “This…”

He turned to the Empress and said, “Your Majesty, I was not successful just now. I shall try again.”

As he said that, Fletcher’s head was covered in sweat all over.

Another moment had passed, and Fletcher still was not successful. He had no choice but to give up.

A few other Ministers tried too, but none of them were successful. The aura in the main hall was full of tension and awkwardness.

All the Ministers looked defeated as they faced the little Nine Curves Jade. All their faces were worried, and they did not look like the powerful Ministers they were. Every one of the Ministers looked extremely worried.

The Empress furrowed her brows and looked around before she opened her mouth to speak, “How is it possible that no one could figure out a way?”

There were so many talented people in South Cloud World, but yet all of them were defeated by a piece of jade. If news of this were to spread to the other continents,

If this incident were to spread to other continents, the South Cloud World royal family would be humiliated.

At that moment, the main hall was in complete silence. Fletcher and the other Ministers all looked down on the ground, looking tense.