The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1163

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1163 – “Your Majesty!” a eunuch walking in quickly and kneeled. “Your Majesty, the Westrington diplomat, has been waiting outside the main hall for a while. Do you want to allow him into the hall?”

The Empress nodded and said, “Bring him in.”

As she spoke, all the Ministers who were still talking shut their mouths instantly. All of them looked towards the main hall entrance.

The eunuch was seen leading a middle-aged man into the hall, walking in slowly.

The man was around 30 years old, wore a long, moon-white gown, and looked wise. He was Yoel Walford, the diplomat sent by the Westrington Emperor.

Westrington had the plan to conquer South Cloud World. However, their knowledge about South Cloud World was limited. Hence, the Westrington Emperor sent Yoel over to find out more about the South Cloud World’s strengths.

On top of that, the Westrington Emperor had also reminded Yoel to teach the Empress and the Minister a lesson after he arrived at the South Cloud Palace.

Once he entered the main hall, Yoel took a deep cold breath. ‘The South Cloud World is so strong. All their Ministers are strong warriors.’

Yoel held his fists together to greet the Empress. “Your Majesty, I am Yoel Walford, a diplomat from Westrington. May Your Majesty be blessed with a long life.”

He just held his fists together, with no intention to kneel.

Yoel had decided that while the South Cloud World was powerful, he would never be ashamed of Westrington.

The Ministers were furious at the disrespect Yoel showed to the Empress. How arrogant was the Westrington diplomat?!

He refused to kneel to the Empress, showing that they did not respect the South Cloud World.

At that moment, Royal Guard General Fletcher stepped forward and looked coldly at Yoel. “How dare you not kneel to Her Majesty? Are all the people of Westrington so rude?”


As he said that, an extremely strong aura exploded from Fletcher’s body. He locked his vision on Yoel. In an instant, tensions rose in the main hall, making everyone feel suffocated.


Feeling Fletcher’s strong aura, Yoel’s face changed immediately. He smiled gently and said, “General, I believe you are wrong. I’m a diplomat sent by the Westrington Emperor to conduct a casual visit to South Cloud World. I am not a citizen of South Cloud World, so why should I kneel?”

Yoel looked at the Empress, smiled, and continued, “I believe Your Majesty is a generous and understanding person. So please understand where I am coming from.”

To be honest, the ability of the South Cloud World was just too powerful.

‘The strong and intimidating aura exploding from the Ministers in front of me made me feel suffocated. However, I am representing Westrington; I must not be intimidated,’ he thought.

“You…” Fletcher was furious, but he was not able to fight back.

In an instant, Fletcher had an idea. He looked at Yoel and smiled. ” Diplomat Walford, you are well-spoken. Let me ask you then. You, as a Minister at Westrington, would kneel when you see the Westrington Emperor, right? Our Empress is the same level as your Westrington Emperor, so why do you not kneel for her?”

As he said that, everyone nodded in agreement.

“That’s right, kneel to the Empress! Knee!”

“How uncivilized is the Westrington diplomat.”

At that moment, Princess Evergreen was extremely upset and could not help but grumble, “How terrible is this Westrington diplomat. How could he not kneel when meeting Her Majesty.”

Darryl smiled as he heard that. He was also staring at Yoel, thinking in his heart.

‘How rude is this, Yoel. However, he is a talented person as he can stay calm under such a stressful situation.’

The Ministers were chatting amongst themselves. Yoel was not worried at all; he changed the subject and smiled at the Empress. “Your Majesty, my Westrington Emperor, had asked me to prepare a special gift for Your Majesty.”

Yoel took out a unique box from his body as the main hall turned silent. Everyone’s gaze was locked on the box in his hand.

“Oh? What is it?” The Empress replied calmly, not showing any emotion at all.

Yoel smiled and opened the box to take out an item.

At that moment, everyone was stunned.

Yoel was holding a round and thick jade stone. The jade stone was one of the highest qualities you could get, and it would be almost impossible to purchase an item of such quality! “This is an extremely fine jade!”