The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1158

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1158 – Right at the critical moment, Princess Evergreen rushed forward and stood in front of Darryl. “He is my closest eunuch. I’m the one who forced him to play with me. Mother, I beg you to forgive him.”

At that moment, Princess Evergreen’s eyes were full of worry and begging for forgiveness.

It was not easy for her to find a special eunuch. How could she let him be executed?

At that same time, Darryl quickly kneeled and displayed an expression of fear. He did not want to kneel, but he had no other choice.

He had to stand the slight humiliation to stay at the palace to investigate Quincy’s whereabouts and the Dragon Essence.

The Empress sighed and glared at Darryl. “I shall spare your life today. Leave now.”

Princess Evergreen was the Empress’s youngest daughter. She was the favorite, and the anger in the Empress’ heart lessened when she saw the princess begging for Darryl.

Seeing the Empress’s forgiveness, Princess Evergreen was delighted. She kissed the Empress and held her arms. “I always know my mother will treat me the best!”

At the same time, Princess Evergreen did not forget to stare at Darryl.

Understanding immediately, Darryl replied appreciatively, “Thank you for your forgiveness, Your Majesty.”

As he said that, Darryl quickly stood up and retreated outside. That was a close call. He almost exposed his identity.

As he walked out of the bedroom entrance, Darryl could not help but wipe off the cold sweat on his forehead.

At that moment, Darryl just wished to leave the place as fast as possible. No matter how he must locate Quincy to get back the Dragon Essence.

However, there were many royal guards outside. Darryl dared not explore further. He could only stand there quietly to wait for any instructions.

Inside the bedroom, the Empress asked all the maids to leave.

“My dear, the diplomats from Westrington will be here tomorrow. When they arrive, you have to go to the main hall to observe. You are an adult now, so you can’t continue to fool around. It’s time for you to understand the matters of the countries, understand?” she said to the Princess, seriously.

“Diplomats from Westrington?”

Princess Evergreen was stunned, she asked curiously, “We seldom have relations with Westrington. Why did Westrington send a diplomat all of a sudden?”

The Empress smiled and explained, “I’m guessing that Westrington is trying to conquer our South Cloud World. I heard that the Prime Minister, Donoghue, has an ancient grand weapon. For the past few years, Westrington has always wanted to expand its territory, and they have tried to conquer other continents. Their trip here is with the intention to conquer the South Cloud World, but they don’t know our strengths. That’s why they are sending a diplomat to check on the strengths of the South Cloud World.”

Princess Evergreen nodded, clenching her fist. “I see…” Then, she said with confidence, “Mother, as long as Auntie Quincy Long is here, we’re fine. If Westrington really dared to a****k our South Cloud World, they would definitely be defeated.”

One should know that Quincy was the guardian for South Cloud World. She was a Level Five Martial Emperor, and she was undefeated! She knew in her heart that as long as Quincy was there, the South Cloud World would go unconquered.

“Yes,” the Empress nodded. “That’s why I asked your auntie to return tonight. I feel safe when she’s around.”

The Empress was the leader of the nation, but she was not a cultivator. She was just an ordinary person.

The night was getting late, so the Empress chatted with Princess Evergreen a little longer before she left with the royal guards.

Right after she left, Princess Evergreen flicked her fingers towards Darryl, who was standing outside. “Brother, it’s fine now. Everything is fine; please come in.”

Once the Empress left, Princess Evergreen returned to her mischievous self. However, when she was with Darryl, she was not as harsh. The Princess also could not believe that she could be so gentle. Perhaps it was because he was the first person to beat her.

Noticing Princess Evergreen’s excitement, Darryl became frustrated as he said, “Your highness, it is getting late. You need to get some rest, so I shall leave now.”