The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1151

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1151 – After entering the palace, Darryl was stunned. The palace was gigantic.

He saw countless halls in between gardens with huts and countless corridors. It was as huge as a maze.

Darryl had only been walking for a few minutes when we started to feel dizzy. The palace had guards patrolling as well as eunuchs and maids. Darryl had to try and avoid them all.

Darryl was almost in tears, thinking to himself, ‘How am I going to find Quincy in such a huge palace.’

As he was worrying, Darryl continued to explore. He heard cheering coming from a room as he passed by.

“Hurry, place your bets. Bigor small, don’t hesitate.”

“Big for me!”

“Small!” the voices said.

Hearing that, Darryl walked over to take a closer look. He could see a group of eunuchs gathered together, g******g happily.

Darryl furrowed his brows. It was obvious that this area was the eunuchs’ resting area. Quincy would never be there.

Darryl was about to leave when he saw a eunuch walk out from the room, cursing. His face was furious.

“What bad luck today. I didn’t win a single game.”‘ The little eunuch slapped his t***h. “I’ll definitely win my money back tomorrow!”

Darryl suddenly had an idea when he saw the little eunuch.

It would not be possible for him to locate Quincy by just wandering around the palace. It would be easier if he captured the little eunuch and asked him how to find her!

With his decision made, Darryl did not hesitate to make his move. He charged forward and sealed the eunuch’s acupoints before dragging him into a dark hidden corner.


After his acupoint was sealed, the eunuch body was frozen, but he could still speak. When he saw Darryl, he was so nervous, he stuttered, “Y-you. W-who are you?”

Looking at how he was dressed, it’s obvious he snuck in from outside. This is the palace! Isn’t he afraid of having his head chopped off?’ the eunuch thought.

Darryl was too lazy to waste much time, so he asked bluntly, “Where’s Quincy?”

As he spoke, Darryl paid attention to any movement from his surroundings at all times.

‘Quincy?’ the eunuch was lost when he heard that.

Although Quincy was her real name, she was the well-respected Princess Long. The low-level eunuchs only knew her as Princess Long. It was very rare for them to know her real name.

Seeing him stuttering and unable to speak, he looked genuinely scared. Darryl did not say anything further. He hit the eunuch suddenly, causing the eunuch to faint.

Then, Darryl put on all his clothing. This was Darryl’s plan; if he dressed like someone from the World Universe, he would look too conspicuous. It would be easier for him to walk around the palace freely if he was dressed as a eunuch.

However, Darryl’s heart felt heavy after wearing the eunuch’s clothes. He was an Elysium Gate Sect Master. He had to be a bodyguard earlier at Mistloren, and now he was pretending to be a eunuch.

However, all this humiliation was nothing if Little Fairy would be able to live again.

As he thought of that, Darryl composed himself and continued to walk to investigate further.

True enough, once Darryl was dressed as a eunuch, all the royal guards patrolling the area did not even take a second look at Darryl. That made Darryl extremely excited.

‘Ha-ha…What a genius plan,’ he thought.

After passing by a garden, he saw a bedroom in front which had many palace maids.

At that moment, Darryl still did not realize that he had entered the back residence zone. The only people that stayed in this zone were members of the royal family.

Darryl did not miss a single corner as he went around and kept looking for Quincy. He heard noises as he passed by an elegant garden.

Darryl could see a big sign hanging at the entrance of the garden. Three words were written on the sign, ‘Forever Green Palace.’