The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1141

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1141 – At that time, the entire atmosphere became awkward.

Everyone looked confused as they stared at Darryl; they did not know what to say.

Darryl did not speak too; he continued to search for the five fairies in the crowd. He finally saw them at the second p****n cell. Darryl was delighted as he walked toward them quickly.

When he arrived, Darryl smiled at Cindy and said, “Palace Master, I am here to rescue all of you.”

He did not say that with his usual flirtatious tone.

If it had been like before, Darryl would never miss such an opportunity to flirt with Cindy. He would have called her ‘my dearest wife’ or something similar.

However, ever since Little Fairy had used her spiritual energy to save Darryl, he had felt apologetic toward Cindy and the other fairies; he would never flirt whenever he saw Cindy then.


Cindy smiled as she heard that; she nodded and said, “I knew it. That Quincy is not your disciple. I know you are not that kind of person, and the Elysium Gate will never do such a thing.”

When all the sects had cursed and scolded Darryl, Fuyao Palace was the only one to keep their silence.

Cindy and the other fairies strongly believed that Darryl was not such a person.

As she spoke, the other four fairies nodded in agreement too.

“That’s right. Little Fairy sacrificed her life to save Darryl; he would not be such an evil person as what the others had said.”

“Those people from the World Universe’s sects just like to accuse someone without finding the truth.”

Those other people there felt awkward when they heard what those fairies had said.

Darryl smiled as he looked at Cindy happily. “Palace master, let me share some good news with you. I have found a way to save Little Fairy.”


Cindy was delighted! Her face blushed emotionally, and she asked quickly, “What is the way to save my little sister?”

“This-” Darryl was about to speak to answer her. He looked around them and smiled. “Let’s get out of here first. The most important thing now is for you all to leave this place. I will tell you about it when we are back at the Carters’ mansion.”

Darryl walked toward them as he activated his internal energy and destroyed the metal chains on the fairies. “Five Palace Masters, you should leave quickly. We’d be in trouble if Quincy were to return now.”

“Very well!”

Cindy nodded. She quickly made her way downstairs with the rest of the four fairies and left the Wishing Star Tower under the disguise of the moonlight.


Everyone was emotional when they saw what had happened.

‘It looks like we have wrongly accused Darryl. If the Elysium Gate had indeed abducted all the sects’ disciples, then why would Darryl make an effort to release those from Fuyao Palace?’

At that moment, the entire Wishing Star Tower was silent. It was so quiet one could hear if a needle were to drop onto the ground.

Everyone’s eyes were on Darryl; they were all puzzled and ashamed. However, none of them would take the initiative to apologize to him.

Darryl looked around him. His face was calm but cold; he turned and prepared to leave Wishing Star Tower.

Darryl had wanted to rescue those from the other sects too.

However, they had repeatedly misunderstood him. Furthermore, when Donoghue had attacked the Carter family, none of them had bothered to help. Darryl had been very disappointed in them.

Quincy would never k**l them as she still needed to get the scripture; he wanted to let those fools suffer for a little while.

As he thought about that, Darryl started to walk away.


At that moment, Abbess Mother Serendipity started to get worried and shouted, “You promised to help me to rescue everyone. Where are you going? You don’t care anymore?”

Darryl plastered a fake smile on his face as he looked at Abbess Mother Serendipity and shrugged. “I promised to bring you here so that you can rescue them. And I have brought you here. You will need to do the rest on your own. I don’t have the time to rescue them.”

“You-” When she heard that, Abbess Mother Serendipity stomped her feet anxiously.

Darryl laughed as he turned and left.

At that moment, Megan ran toward him and grabbed his arm.

“My dear brother-” Megan bit her lips; she could not hide the awkwardness in her heart. “My dear brother, I beg you; please save my Sect Master. I am begging you; she was p******d. She will d*e if she doesn’t get the antidote.”

Megan also thought that Aurora had consumed the poison.

As she spoke, she held Darryl’s arm tightly.

However, the man looked at her emotionlessly as he uttered only two words. “Let go!”

Darryl could forgive anyone’s mistake, but what Megan had done was unpardonable!

She had k****d Chester’s wife at Eternal Life Island! That pain would remain in Darryl’s heart forever!

He could never forget the image where Chester had held his wife, Adina, in his arms; his heart was ripped into pieces as he shouted and cried out in pain.

Even though that had happened a long time ago, Darryl would never forgive Megan!

Megan’s body shook as she felt Darryl’s coldness toward her. She said desperately, “My dear brother, I know that you would never forgive me. I was wrong, and I deserve to d*e. But I am not asking for you to save me. I am only asking for your help to save my sect master. Please? She is the future for Emei Sect, so she has to be hale and fine. I am begging you, please?”