The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1130

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1130 – When she heard that, Yvette took Ambrose’s hand and walked toward Ford.

Yvette could tell that even though the lame old man had a strange temper, he had a good heart.


Sawyer panicked. He shouted at Yvette in an attempt to stop her.

However, after Sawyer felt Ford’s strength, he could not muster the courage to do that.

‘F*ck, this man is too powerful.’

Sawyer’s heart still pounded after the palm a****k.

He could only watch helplessly as Yvette and Ambrose left with Ford.


Meanwhile, at the New World Palace.

The New World Emperor sat inside the hall calmly.

Hundreds of civil and military officials handed in their memos, but there was nothing urgent.

Suddenly, an army general hurriedly walked into the hall; he looked panicked. “Your Majesty, something terrible has happened.”

“What’s going on?”

The New World Emperor asked with a frown on his face.

The general wiped the cold sweat off his forehead as he stammered, “General Sawyer and the soldiers that he led to destroy the Grandmaster Heaven Cult had been defeated. General Sawyer was seriously injured before he got away, and he had taken Princess Yvette with him.


Suddenly, the hall erupted in an uproar.

The New World Emperor’s facial expression changed as he growled, “How can this be? How can a small residual force be so powerful?”

Then, the New World Emperor hurriedly gave an order to the eunuch next to him. ” Quick, get me the Phantom Crystal.”

The Emperor had to find his daughter first.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” The eunuch responded and then walked out of the hall quickly.

After a while, the eunuch returned; he cautiously held a crystal ball in his hand.

The crystal ball had a strange lustre glow; it looked magical.

The Westrington royal family had sent many gifts when they formed a marriage connection with them, and the Phantom Crystal was one of them.

There was also an exquisite jade pendant to match the phantom crystal.

The Emperor had given the jade pendant to Yvette, and she would always carry it with her.

The Phantom Crystal and the jade pendant had a special connection. When one channeled their internal force into the crystal, one could see where the jade pendant was located.

Under the New World Emperor’s command, the eunuch activated the Phantom Crystal, and soon they learned Yvette’s location. He said joyfully, “Your Majesty, the princess is now in a canyon near the Great East. The canyon is called the Tiger Leaping Cliff!”


The New World Emperor sprang up from his seat and said anxiously, “Quick! Get the armies to come with me. Commander Sloan, Country Secretary, you two will come with me to rescue the princess!”

Commander Sloan and the Country Secretary hurriedly went forward. They followed the New World Emperor and led more than ten thousand royal armies to the canyon near the Great East.


Meanwhile, in the canyon near the Great East.

Ambrose played by the edge of the pool in the gorge.

Ford leaned against a piece of rock as he basked lazily in the sun.

Perhaps he had been influenced by Ambrose’s innocent appearance-Ford reduced his body’s aura. He looked at the child lovingly.

The canyon had not been occupied for a long time.

It had been years since the last time someone accompanied Ford there.

He recalled when his apprentice, Darryl, was there with an eccentric little girl, Jewel, who was an excellent cook. He even got to enjoy a good meal for a while.


‘I really miss Jewel’s cooking.’

Yvette caught a few fish and set fire to grill them at the edge of the water.

Even though Yvette was a princess, she was different from her other royal siblings since she was a child. She was smart and a fast learner. Hence, she was proficient in various skills, and cooking was one of them.

After a while, with Yvette’s excellent cooking skills, one could detect the delicious smell of cooked fish. Ambrose had a whiff of the dish and ran all the way back. “Sister, what a fragrant fish!”

The glutton in Ford’s belly was also hooked.


Then, Ford turned around and made his way to the fish. There was only adoration on his face. “It smells so good! So good!”

Ford tore a piece of fish and threw it into his mouth, He felt so satisfied as he praised Yvette. “This is delicious. From the way you dressed, I thought you were a rich lady. I didn’t expect that you can grill such a delicious fish-no worse than Jewel’s.”

Ford recalled his days with Darryl and Jewel. He was overwhelmed with the sadness of his loss.

Yvette’s delicate face cracked a smile when she heard the praise.

At the same time, she was also a little curious.


‘Who is Jewel?’

“Sister’s grilled fish is so delicious! It’s the best in the world! Sister, whoever marries you will be very fortunate!” Ambrose complimented the food as he continued to chew.

Ambrose might have been young, but that did not stop him from having good people skills.

Yvette laughed out loud; Ambrose was a lovely child. She thought that kid must have taken after his father-he was not a serious and composed person.