The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1120

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1120 – Darryl sighed discreetly before he quickly agreed. “Very well, I’ll take you back to the World Universe.”

Abbess Mother Serendipitywas delighted; she nodded happily.

Darryl was reminded of something; he sized Abbess Mother Serendipity up, “However, you have no internal energy at all, and you can’t fly. What should we do? The Box family is also hunting me, so we can’t walk back to the World Universe either.”

‘Oh, right!’

“What should we do?’

Abbess Mother Serendipity whispered nervously, “Can’t you carry me?”

Her face was inexplicably flushed when she suggested that.

“How can I fly with you on my back?” Darryl replied.


Abbess Mother Serendipity bit her lips. She peeked at Darryl and then lowered her head as she forced those words out of her mouth. “Maybe… Maybe you can hold… hold me in your arms!”

Her face was as red as a ripened apple after she said that.

Oh, f*ck!

‘Is she really Abbess Mother Serendipity?’

‘She doesn’t even mind the thought of me holding her so that she can go home!’ Darryl laughed and nodded. “Well then, I’ll hold you in my arms then, since you have called me your husband before this.”


Abbess Mother Serendipity’s face became hot as she stomped her foot angrily. “How dare you bring that up!”

‘Darryl hasn’t changed at all. He is such a rascal!”

Darryl stopped teasing Abbess Mother Serendipity.

After that, Darryl picked her up and quickly left the office building.


Darryl took a deep breath as he detected a lovely scent from the body in his arms.

Her body was so soft, and it smelled so good.

Abbess Mother Serendipity’s body stiffened as she laid uncomfortably in Darry’s arms.

Her heart pounded; it felt as if it would leap out of her throat. She was very nervous and so indescribably shy.

Once upon a time ago, she had thought of every way possible to get rid of Darryl.

She did not expect that she would need to beg Darryl to bring her back to the World Universe one day.

She even asked Darryl to hold her!

As Darryl held Abbess Mother Serendipity in his arms, both of them disappeared into the night sky toward Wanhai City’s outskirts. The two bickered the entire journey.

“Hey… keep your hands still; don’t simply move it around me!”

“I didn’t move my hand; it was you who was moving around…”


“By the way, when we’re back to the World Universe, you’re not allowed to mention anything about hiding under my skirt.”

“You can’t control what my mouth would say. Then again, if you call me hubby again, maybe I would agree to that.”

“Darry!! You b*stard!”

After a long flight, the two arrived at the World Universe boundary and only then did Darryl put Abbess Mother Serendipity down.

When Abbess Mother Serendipity finally set foot on the World Universe, she had mixed feelings about it. It felt like she had not been back for a long time.

‘I am finally back.’

After that, the two of them headed straight for the Emei Sect without any delay.

Darryl wanted to immediately return to the Carter mansion and use the Dragon Essence to save Little Fairy.

However, then he decided to send Abbess Mother Serendipity back to Mount Emei first. The Emei Sect Master, Aurora, had accused Darryl of k*****g Abbess Mother Serendipity, and for that reason, she had found fault with him several times in the past.

She even pushed Darryl into a volcano crater with her palm.

Darryl wanted to see the expression on Aurora’s face when he returned to the Emei Hall with Abbess Mother Serendipity in tow.