The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1111

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1111 – Laura bit her lips. She was the Incandescent Sect Master-a man had never touched her! She was inflamed when Darryl pinched her chin!

“K**l me?”

Darryl’s face broke into a smile. His eyes were blood-red when he approached Laura and slapped her fiercely on her face!


Darryl used all his strength in that hit-Laura groaned and fell onto the ground.

He took no pity on Laura and coldly said, “Sect Master, you must not have thought that retribution would come so quickly when you tortured me that night, right?”

Darryl was outraged as he recalled how he was tortured half to d***h that night.

F*ck it! Not only was he tortured, but they robbed him of his Dragon Essence, too.

Even though he had managed to retrieve it, he could not forget the unfortunate event.

The slap stupefied Laura, yet she kept her resentful eyes locked onto Darryl. “You had better k**l me. Otherwise, one day, I will k**l and pulverize you!”

Not only did the man in front of her destroy the Incandescent Sect, but he had also beaten her up!

Her hatred for him ran deeply and deadly.

Darryl smiled and walked toward her; he looked at her condescendingly. “You are, indeed, a heroine. How could you still say that when you’re in this state?”

As he made that comment, his lips curled into a wicked smile. “Don’t worry; I won’t let you d*e right away. I shall let you experience something even worse than d***h. That’s what you told me that night, and I’m just returning the favor.”

Then, Darryl sat down in front of Laura and took off his shoes.

That was right!

Darryl wanted to humiliate Laura and crush her self-esteem.

She was the Incandescent Sect’s first female leader.

She was also the cultivation world’s goddess in the New World.

‘From today onward, ‘ll make sure that you’ll never have the dignity to face me.’


Laura trembled when she realized what Darryl had in mind for her. Her resentful heart already had a feeling about it. “What are you doing?”


Darryl wasted no time. He picked up Laura and laid her on the ground. Then, he took a deep breath to relax before he stood barefoot in front of Laura. A moment later, he put his foot on Laura’s face and chuckled. “Your face smells good, Laura. Let’s add a little powder on it.”

That woman had stepped on him that night. It was so bad that Darryl’s face still had the mark of her high heels! He must get his revenge!

“Darryl, you must have a d***h wish!” Laura crumbled and shouted angrily as she felt his feet on her face. “I will k**l you! I will k**l you! Get out! Get out!”

All women wanted to look pretty, and so did Laura.

Darryl had his foot on her face, and that felt even worse than if he were to k**l her right away! Besides, her younger brother was there, and he had seen the whole thing. That humiliation bruised her ego severely!

As she spoke, Darryl shoved his foot into her red lips without any warning.

“Get lost! Get lost!” Matteo, who suffered a sharp pain in his chest, was enraged when he saw the man step on his sister!

Darryl enjoyed how the two siblings looked annoyed and furious.


“Your Red Python Whip almost k****d me that night, Laura!”

“Why did you have such a big reaction when I only stepped on your face?”

‘Are you in pain?’

‘Well, you should be.’

Darryl smiled and looked at Laura condescendingly. “This is nothing compared to the dozen of whips that you had flogged on me.”

“I hope you’ll d*e a painful d***h,” Laura shouted at Darryl; her eyes were red.

She did not fear d***h.

However, she could not take Darryl’s humiliation!