The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 111

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 111 – “Say it again?” The sales assistant was furious. “ Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? If you can’t afford then don’t come to a high-end mall like this. Wearing cheap clothes like yours, you still have the guts to come here. What if you d***y the dress when you try on the dress? Even if you didn’t d***y it, you would just leave without buying, waste of my time.”

“That’s right, the girl is right.” The rich-looking lady added, “Being a sales assistant is not an easy job. If you don’t plan to buy then don’t try it on.

There is a departmental store, the clothes there will suit you better.”

“Darryl, let’s just go.” Lily pulled Darryl slightly, speaking silently.

As a matter of fact, Lily was only teasing Darryl, she had no intention to get Darryl to buy the dress for her.

Darryl signaled to Lily not to speak, then he replied with a smile, “Not only I want this dress, for all the designs you have in your boutique, I want all that of them as long as they are my wife’s size.”

Right after he finished speaking, he tossed his bank card over.

The shop assistant could not stop laughing while grabbing the bank card, “Yes sure. We had just performed our stock count this afternoon. A total of eighty designs, one piece for each design, the total would be one million nine hundred eighty thousand bucks. If your bank card does not have sufficient credit today, I shall call the cops.”

The shop assistant walked towards the cashier counter as she spoke. She had not seen a Platinum Corporation bank card before!

Following that, was the beep of the successful transaction. What? The transaction went through?

One million nine hundred eighty thousand bucks, and the transaction went through successfully?

Everyone was stunned.

For a normal bank card, once it was swiped, there would be a small receipt generated. As for Platinum Corporation bank cards, after it was swiped, the computer on the counter would display the available balance.

However, due to the angle of the computer, only the few shop assistants could see it.

There…there is…five point eight billion.

The long string of zeros displayed, stunned all the shop assistants that they dropped onto the floor!

“I am sorry, I am sorry sir, sorry.” The shop assistant was busy apologizing with tears. Even the boutique manager came to help with the packing of the more than one hundred pieces of clothing.

“You don’t have to apologize.” Darryl said while smiling, and pointed at another of the shop assistants, “All the commissions are to be awarded to her, and also please send all the clothes to the Lyndon family’s mansion.”

After that, Darryl left, holding Lily’s hand. They left behind the group of people looking at each other.

Lyndon…Lyndon family? No wonder they were so rich, they were the Lyndon family.

“Why did you buy so many of the clothes?” Lily asked as they went outside.

Darryl smiled looking at her, “This is my first-time buying clothes for my wife, my wife needs a new set every day.”

“Childish.” Lily rolled her eyes, but she felt so sweet in her heart. “Oh yes, how did you have all the money? Don’t tell me it is a loan from your friend again.”

Two million bucks, which friend would be so generous to Darryl.

Just at the same time, there was some noise coming from not far away.

Around the corner in front, there was a big crowd.

Among them, stood a beautiful figure, looking attractive. Was that not Yvonne Young?

“President Young, what is she doing here?” Lily saw Yvonne too, she could not hold her curiosity, “ Come, let’s go and take a look.”

When they managed to squeeze into the crowd, they saw an antique seller, holding a rusted sword, and talking away. “Let me tell you, this is my family treasure. It has been passed down many generations. According to my grandpa, this is a

treasure from the Han Dynasty. Look at the rust…”

The people surrounding  laughed.

“Even from the Han Dynasty? Stop bragging.” “Exactly, it is a fake.”

The antique seller’s face turned red. He started to argue with the few people.

Darryl looked around. Not only was Yvonne there, but the few owners of the few antique stores near Pearl Pavilion were also there too. Even some businessmen that Darryl had never met were there, they looked like antique buyers too.

At that moment, Yvonne saw Daryl, she smiled and nodded.

What a coincidence to meet at such a place, but Lily, who had never come out with him, was right there.

Darryl smiled at Yvonne, and turned his attention to the sword held by the antique seller.

Oh, the carvings on the antique sword were really special. The remaining parts of the sword that were not wrapped in the metal cover, were shining deeply.

That sword looked interesting.

“Boss, how much for the sword?”  after observing for a while, Darryl asked.

The antique seller raised his hands, “Eight hundred thousand bucks, non-negotiable.”

The antique seller’s eyes blinked while he spoke, looking suspicious.