The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1103

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1103 – Monica nodded at the Grandmaster Heaven Cult Master. Then she walked to the side and buried Tyler’s body.

Tyler was a loyal person, and he had protected her; she could not leave his body in the wild like that.

The Cult Master immediately came and helped her.

After they buried Tyler, the three continued with their journey.

Ambrose held on tightly to Monica’s hand and said softly, “Mom, do we have to be with this strange person? He just k****d Uncle Tyler. I’m scared-“

Monica gently comforted him and said, “Ambrose, don’t be afraid. This strange man is not a bad person.”

When she said that, she looked at the Cult Master behind her with mixed feelings.

The three of them continued with their journey to the World Universe.

The next day.

They arrived at a valley-Monica smiled and said to Ambrose, “Ambrose, after we cross this valley, we will see the Sea of D***h. Then, after we cross the Sea of D***h, we will reach the World Universe.

Monica’s eyes were filled with longing.

When she reached the World Universe, would she be able to see Darryl?

‘My dear Darryl, are you well?’

Monica smiled at the thought of that man. She could not help but be happy.

Ambrose did not know what was in his mother’s mind. He cocked his head and asked curiously, “Mom, why is it called the Sea of D***h? Is it very scary?”

Monica laughed and said, “The Sea of D***h was named because not even a leaf could float on it. Typically, a normal person would not be able to cross it. However, after the enchanted barrier between the Nine Mainlands disappeared, the Sea of D***h became a normal ocean.”

Ambrose listened attentively. The Cult Master, at the side, was still in a daze. No one knew what was in his mind.

As she spoke, Monica heard footsteps approaching them. In a blink of an eye, a bunch of men rushed out of the woods. They had sabers in their hands; they surrounded Monica, Ambrose, and the Cult Master.

Those men were mountain bandits from the valley. However, they dressed differently than other bandits. Each of them was in white clothing.

Those men were the White Shirt Sect’s remaining disciples.

The White Shirt Sect was a powerful organization in the New World. They never obeyed the royal family; they also wanted to overthrow the New World Emperor. So, they were considered rebels. Not long ago, Lord Ping Xi had managed to eliminate the White Shirt Sect, and he was victorious. The sect’s remaining disciples had managed to escape.

The New World Emperor had been so delighted with the victory that he promised his daughter, Yvette Lane, to Lord Ping Xi’s son.

However, no one knew that the White Shirt Sect’s remaining disciples had escaped to the valley and took over the mountain. They ruled as mountain bandits. They liked to block people’s way and rob them. On that day, when they saw Monica, Ambrose, and the Cult Master, they wanted to rob them of their money.

“Come! Take out all of your valuable belongings.”

The leader of the White Shirt Sect spoke coldly and with an arrogant face.

His name was Eugene Cohen; he was a Level Five Martial Saint. He was once a small Branch Master. When the White Shirt Sect was destroyed, Eugene became the leader of the remaining disciples.

“Mom…” Ambrose held Monica’s arm tightly. He was extremely terrified!

Monica stroked Ambrose’s head and comforted him gently, “Ambrose, don’t be afraid.”

She had the Grandmaster Heaven Cult’s Cult Master by her side. Those robbers must have been suicidal!

Monica took a deep breath and looked at Eugene. She said calmly, “We’re just passing by; we do not have anything valuable with us. Do not give us a hard time, or you will regret it.”

Monica’s only thought was to return to the World Universe quickly. She did not want to deal with the bandits.

“No money?” Eugene sneered. He said those two words as he looked at Monica’s s**y figure. His eyes suddenly brightened.

‘Gorgeous! Extremely gorgeous!”

Who knew that he could meet such a gorgeous woman at a place like that?

Monica still could not hide her natural beauty even though she was tired from the journey.

Eugene smiled and looked at Monica, “Hey, Gorgeous! Since you do not have any money, then use your body to pay for it. Don’t worry, as long as you are with me, I won’t treat you too badly!”

He had his group of bandits, but he still lacked a wife. Since G*d had sent him a gorgeous woman, why should he refuse the offering?

At that moment, Eugene’s men started to laugh and tease Monica.

“Good eye, Chief!”

“Chief, you got lucky today!”

“Such a gorgeous woman; she would be perfect as your wife!”

Monica’s face blushed. She was extremely livid in her heart!

“F*k off!” At that moment, the Cult Master, who had been entirely silent, said coldly. He exuded a hostile aura!


The bandits’ eyes were immediately on the Grandmaster Heaven Cult’s Cult Master.

That man dressed up like a crazy person; could he be insane?

Then, Eugene looked at the Cult Master condescendingly and said, “B****y psycho, f*k off!”

The Cult Master, with m*******s intentions in his eyes, said coldly, “Continue talking, and you’ll meet d***h!”

‘Such a brash lunatic!’

Eugene was aggravated. He took out a pair of sledgehammers and said, “A lunatic who speaks out of turn. You must be seeking d***h!”

At those words, Eugene floated in mid-air!


Strong internal energy erupted from Eugene. The pair of sledge hammers were in his hands as he waved a beam of light that flew straight at the Cult Master.

The air distorted–it looked terrifying.

When he saw how Eugene exploded, the fury in Cult Master’s heart immediately stirred.


They heard the air rumble. Then, the Cult Master slowly lifted his hand to form nine golden dragons!


‘Golden dragons? What technique is this? Such a strong aura!’

At that moment, the White Shirt Sect disciples were stunned-they looked terrified.


The Cult Master did not bother to say anything else before he waved his hands! A roar erupted from the dragon’s mouth. Then, the golden dragon flew directly at Eugene!