The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1102

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1102 – Violent wails could be heard non-stop from the Grandmaster Heaven Cult’s Cult Master’ s mouth. It rang loud and clear throughout the surrounding woods.

At that moment, the Cult Master had lost all his previous majestic and domineering appearance. He had gone completely nuts!

‘Is… Is he crazy?’

Not only that, he did not even know who he was anymore.

When she saw that, Monica bit her lips.

She had guessed correctly. The Cult Master was delirious at that moment; it seemed like he had been crazy for a few years.

The Grandmaster Heaven Cult’s Cult Master had led his disciples and followed the New World Army to a****k Donghai City. However, the New World Army had lost that fight terribly.

After that battle, most of the Grandmaster Heaven Cult was destroyed.

The destruction of that sect made the Cult Master’s heart ached terribly. Then, he had seen the Cult Mistress with Darryl.

Those two blows had managed to render the Cult Master subconscious. When he woke up, he became crazy. After that, he left the New World Army and wandered around the world.

Even though he had become crazy, two obsessions were still firmly rooted in his heart.

One was to rebuild the Grandmaster Heaven Cult, and the other one was to find his wife.

However, he had managed to meet his wife again after a few years, but it was too bad that he could no longer recognize her. It was too sad.

“Who am I? Who the h**l am I? Argh…”

At that moment, the Cult Master was like an injured beast. He grabbed his head and rolled on the ground as he continued to wail.

The Grandmaster Heaven Cult and his wife were his only two obsessions-they were also something that brought pain to his heart. Every time he thought of that, his head would hurt terribly.

The situation was worse than d***h itself.

Monica felt terrible when she realized that.

She did not expect that her departure would cause such huge damage to the Cult Master.

Then, the Cult Master slowly calmed down. He stood up and looked at Monica. “You recognize me, right? Then, do you know Monica Vaughn? Monica Vaughn is my wife. She is my wife. Do you know her?”

At that moment, the Cult Master was utterly delirious. The person he had missed so much was right in front of him, but he could not even recognize her.

“I-” Monica’s heart ached when she saw the obsession in his eyes. She did not know what to say.

Monica took a deep breath and said, “I know Monica Vaughn.”

“Really? You know my wife?” The Cult Master was elated. He quickly strode over to her; he could not hide the urge in his heart. He said, “Bring me to her quickly!”

Monica cautiously observed the changes in his reaction. She asked, “Why do you want to look for her?”

“I…don’t know.” The Cult Master shook his head in pain. However, his voice was determined. “But I must find her.”

Monica’s voice became gentle; she was afraid that he would go crazy again. “Okay, okay. I’ll take you to see Monica Vaughn, but you have to listen to me. You cannot simply k**l anyone; do you understand?”

Monica had decided that she would bring him back to the World Universe and find a cure for him. After all, the World Universe technology was more advanced; there was still hope for a cure. When he became normal again, she could talk to him properly and tell him not to be obsessed with her.

The Cult Master nodded his head furiously. The woman had agreed to take him to his wife-that was great! At the moment, the Cult Master was as happy as a child. He looked at Monica and said, “Yes, okay. Take me to my wife. As long as I can see her, I’ll do everything you say.”