The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1100

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1100 – They did not know how far they walked, but they gradually could no longer see the Royal City behind them anymore under the shining sun.

“Mistress, let’s take a rest up ahead.”

At that moment, Tyler pointed at the woods in front and respectfully said.

Monica nodded. Ambrose was still young and should take some rest after walking for so long. Monica looked at the surroundings upon his words. They were surrounded by mountains and hills with rarely any signs of people.

Monica would be afraid if it were only she and her son alone. However, they had Tyler by their sides, so she did not have to worry about the dangers at all.

Monica hugged Ambrose and rested on a boulder.

At this moment, Ambrose’s child-like nature came through while looking at the woods before them. He curiously asked, “Mom, what’s the World Universe like? Is it fun?”

“Of course, it’s fun. The World Universe is a place filled with advanced technology. There are many fun places which I’ll bring you there at that time.” Monica smiled with a loving expression on her face.

“That’s great! I love fun!” Ambrose excitedly clapped his hands.

Tyler who was beside them while looking at Ambrose being adorable could not help but smile as well.

“Woolala!” At that moment, many footsteps could suddenly be heard coming from every direction of the woods!

It was followed by the appearance of 40 or so men in black with a sword in their hand. They did not look friendly with their m*******s-looking eyes.

These men were the killers hired by Florian to k**l Monica and her son.

The leader of the men glanced at Monica and her son before unhesitatingly roared, “It’s them. K**l!”

The other men roared and rushed forward upon his orders.

Tyler was shocked and furious upon seeing this scene. He angrily yelled, “How bold of you! Don’t you know who I am? I’m Lord Kenny Bred’s bodyguard, Tyler Gill!”

However, those men did not say anything except immediately picking up their swords and charging forward. Florian had instructed them to finish up as soon as possible before they departed as not to expose their identities! Under such situations, they would not bother to talk to Tyler of course!

“Woo!” Tyler tightly clenched his fist as he could see that these men were especially here to k**l Monica and Ambrose.

He had been entrusted by Lord Kenny, hence he could only fight as retreating was impossible!

“Tyler, watch out!” Monica was extremely anxious as she tightly shielded Ambrose behind her and slowly retreated to a safer place.

Ambrose was so frightened that his face turned pale as he tightly held onto Monica’s arm and remained silent.

In a blink of an eye, Tyler was engaged in a fight with them.


Tyler was one of the strongest among those of Guang Ping Palace since he was Lord Kenny’s most appreciated bodyguard after all. In mere brief moments, he easily defeated a few who charged toward him.

However, the people that Florian sent were quite strong as well. Their eyes reddened upon seeing how courageous Tyler was. Florian had previously declared that whoever k****d Monica and her son would be rewarded several thousand gold coins! It would of course motivate them to be more courageous with such a huge reward at stake!

Tyler was overwhelmed not long after the intense fight.

If he continued fighting while being outnumbered, Tyler would be completely spent! However, Tyler did not cower and continued fighting with gritted teeth. Lord Kenny had treated him well. No matter what, he could not let Monica and Ambrose get injured.

“K**l this guy first. K**l him!”

The leader barked with reddened eyes before slashed onto Tyler’s back without any warning!


Fresh blood came spurting out!

“Tyler!” Monica’s heart shuddered upon seeing this scene and her exquisite face was filled with anxiety.

Tyler gritted his teeth upon hearing her screams and loudly said, “Mistress, please don’t care about me. Quickly take Ambrose and go! I’ll block them!”

“Hehe, the three of you don’t even think about leaving here alive today.”

The leader sneered as he waved his hands and dozens of his men drew their swords once more before charging forward.

Tyler roared and faced them head-on.

Within less than two minutes, Tyler’s body was covered in blood from head to toe. There was not a single part on his body without any injury and his countless injuries were bleeding non-stop.

At that moment, Tyler knew he was not going to make it, but he still gritted his teeth and fought till his very last breath.

‘We’re finished!’ Monica stomped her feet anxiously upon seeing how terrible Tyler’s situation was. Her heart was completely desolated.

‘Must my life be so hard? Why? Am I to d*e here in the woods together with my son today?’


However, a strong aura suddenly appeared from somewhere not far away at the next second!

A low voice rang in everyone’s ears following that. “Those who disturb me must d*e!”


A huge man in a black long robe appeared upon those words. He had a head of messy hair as though he was crazy with eyes sparkling brightly like a violent lion.

‘This man has such a terrifying aura!’

Neither Tyler nor those killers could help but gasp at that instance.

Monica trembled upon looking at this man with a horrified face. At the same time, she tightly held onto Ambrose as her face turned pale and was terrified into silence.

“M-master…” Monica opened her lips.

This man was none other than the Grandmaster Heaven Cult Master!