The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 11

Read The Ultimate Husband [by Skykissing wolf] Chapter 11 – With high heels adorning her feet, she stomped and said, “Make him call me mommy, then throw him out.”

“Did you hear what Miss Jade said, ya little b*****d? Let her hear you call her mommy. Or else…” Harry roared.

As soon as he said that, more than 20 burly men behind him reached to their lower back and pulled out their expandable batons.

“Or else, don’t blame me for not sparing you any courtesy. I’m giving you a way out. Be a good boy and call her mommy,” Harry said with a smirk and continued. “Then, if you kneel on the ground for her and admit your mistake, you’ll be allowed to leave here safe and sound. Otherwise, I’ll send you out on a stretcher.”

Jade could not resist laughing. She took two steps forward in her high heels and fished out her cellphone from her bag.

If Darryl finally caved in and called her ‘mommy’, she would record it and send it to Lily!

“What if I don’t?” Darryl was amused and began looking at Jade up and down.

Jade frowned upon seeing Darryl’s resistance. “Mister Crocker, hit him and make him kneel!”

“My pleasure!” Harry stretched out both arms. One hand grabbed Darryl by the collar while the other delivered a fierce punch!

“Stop right there, you b*stard!”

A roar echoed, and the door was kicked open by four or five individuals.

Everyone was stunned after seeing the group of people.

Samson Facey, the boss of Moonlit River!

Wayne Woodall, the boss of the Oriental Pearl Hotel!

Felix Blakely, owner of Black Tiger Real Estate!

Emily Dickinson, the owner of Poesia Eleganza!

Siegfried Yates, the general manager of Southeast Petroleum, Donghai City!

Any one of them was worth at least billions, and the person who spoke earlier was none other than Samson!

A smile appeared on Darryl’s face when he saw them.

They were his old friends who used to be poor but had received favors from him in the past. They seemed to have ended up rather successful in the business world.

“You b*stard!” Samson nearly died of fright. How dare that b*stard lay a hand on the Second Young Master? He rushed over and slapped Harry’s face!


Samson practically used up all of his strength in that slap and Harry covered his cheek as it began to swell.

“Godfather!” Harry yelled and was on the brink of tears. “Godfather, this peasant worker is causing trouble. How dare he sit in Room 888!”


Samson slapped again and roared, “What about that peasant worker? Did he provoke you? You’re already looking down on people after enjoying a little luxury? What did I teach you?!”


Harry yelled disgruntledly and his eyes were red. “But Godfather, this kid, he’s an outsider. Why would you hit me for his sake…?”

Samson trembled in rage before pointing at Darryl, saying, “Outsider? Don’t you f*cking know that I won’t be where I am today without this person! He’s the Darby family’s Second Young Master! You’ll have to work for ten years to get a day’s worth of his pocket money!”


The entire room immediately fell silent!

Harry was stupefied. He often heard tales of his godfather working for the Darby family before establishing Moonlit River. His godfather was lucky to have been appreciated by the second young master! Never in Harry’s wildest dreams would he expect the poor young man to be the Darby family’s second young master!

Jade was flabbergasted too!

At that moment, she felt her legs turn limp as her delicate body unconsciously took two steps back.

She could see the immense respect these business tycoons had when standing in front of Darryl!

How was that possible, he was just a live-in son-in-law!

That l***r was doing housework whenever she went to Lily’s house! Even her laundry, which she was usually disinclined to do, was sent to Lily’s house and given to that l***r to wash.

But… But… He turned out to be the Darby family’s second young master?!

“Mister Darryl, Mister Darryl, I made a mistake. I was wrong…” Harry was close to crying. He bowed to Darryl and apologized profusely.

“Mister Darryl, blame this woman!” Harry bellowed all of a sudden before pointing at Jade. “It’s all because of you! It’s because of you that I offended Mister Darryl! Leave right now!”

Jade trembled. “But we haven’t signed the contract yet … ”

Jade worked in a renovation company, and it just so happened that Moonlit River required some renovations. It was a big project that would rake in a commission of at least one million if the contract was successfully signed. As a result, Jade did not bring up the deal with the company and planned to accept it in her personal capacity. A commission of one million was considered the minimum and she might even stand to earn two million! This was not the kind of business she could just turn her back on! One to two million was at stake!

“Sign my foot!” Harry’s eyes were red. He pointed at Jade and cursed loudly, “If it weren’t for you, I would have never offended Mister Darryl! F*ck the contract. I’ll even make sure to head to your company and tell your boss about all your business dealings behind their back! Your company forbids you to solicit projects privately, so sit back and wait for a lawsuit!”

Jade’s beautiful face completely drained of color!

She bit her lip tightly. If the company knew about her private solicitations and brought her to court, she would be lucky if she only had to pay compensation. There was a definite possibility that she might end up going to j**l!

“Mister Darryl … ” At that moment, Jade bit her lip and walked to Darryl. She tugged his arm and shook it coyly.

“Mister Darryl, I was wrong… ” Her voice was so soft that it was impossible to hear if one did not pay attention.

She never dreamed that she would one day apologize to this good-for-nothing! It hardly occurred to her that she would bow and scrape to this hopeless l***r!

Darryl remained expressionless and smiled looking at her. “Didn’t you just say that you wanted me to kneel and call you mommy?”

“I was wrong. I know now that I was wrong.” Jade bit her lip so tightly that it almost bled.

“I’ll kneel.” Jade clasped her hands together tightly. Her dignity and self-esteem meant nothing at that moment. She bent her knees slightly and proceeded to kneel in front of Darryl.

“Mister Darryl, I’m begging you. Please forgive me.” Jade grabbed Darryl’s trousers and said softly, “Mister Darryl, if my company knows about my private business dealings, the consequences are really serious. I’m begging you. Please spare me, for Lily’s sake…”

“Sure,” Darryl responded curtly. “But what are you supposed to address me as?”

As Darryl said that, he placed his hand to his ear and gazed down at Jade.

A chill came up her spine as she knelt there. How could she not know what Darryl meant?

“D…d…daddy,” Jade bit her lip tightly and whispered.

Her face had already turned red. Darryl was the person she looked down on the most. The mere sight of him would leave her feeling sick! At that point, however, she had renounced virtually all of her dignity in front of Darryl!

“You’ll address me like that in the future. Understood?” Darryl asked with a smirk.

Jade nodded repeatedly.

“Also, I don’t want Lily to know my identity.” Darryl took out a cigarette, lit it, and inhaled deeply. “You know what to do, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes,” Jade answered and glanced at Darryl. “Don’t worry, Daddy. I won’t say a single word about what happened today.”

Darryl nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand indicating that she could leave.

“Second Young Master, I failed to discipline my godchild… ”

Samson bowed to Darryl after everyone left.

At the same time, Wayne, Felix, Emily, and Siegfried also stepped forward and bowed.

“Second Young Master, we were nothing all those years ago.” Emily took a step forward. “If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Knowing that you are here today, we got you a gift.”

She took out a box while speaking.

Emily’s Poesia Eleganza specialized in cosmetics, and the Poesia Eleganza brand had succeeded in making a name for itself.

Three years ago, she was just a promoter giving out flyers on the street. One time, she scratched Darryl’s car by accident, but instead of leaving, she waited an entire night for Darryl to return.

On that occasion, Darryl felt that she was a person of good character and gave her 300,000 bucks to start a business. Time passed in the blink of an eye and it was already five years since the incident.

Emily opened the box, the inside of which contained a scroll.

As soon as she unfurled it, Darryl inhaled sharply!

It was a work of calligraphy that looked rather old. The inscription wrote: Wang Xizhi!

Was that… Was that… Wang Xizhi’s Ping’an Tie?! [1]

The scroll made the news after being auctioned off by a mysterious Chinese rich man!

“We know that Second Young Master is fond of antiques, paintings, and calligraphy, so we pooled our money and bought this from a collector,” Felix chuckled as he explained. It was very eye-catching to see his two rows of pearly teeth contrasting with his very tan skin.

“Second Young Master, your birthday is in three days, right? This is our birthday present to you.”


Darryl facepalmed. He had forgotten it completely.

His birthday was on the same day as Grandmother Lyndon, which was happening in three days.

No one remembered his birthday in previous years. Everyone celebrated Grandmother Lyndon’s birthday, and Darryl merely benefited from sharing the same birthday as her.

It came as a surprise that there were still people who remembered his birthday.

In one of Donghai City’s cafés.

Ashton sat face-to-face with Lily.

He had yet to reveal his bankruptcy to Lily.

“I’ve decided, Lilybud. I’ll bring up the marriage proposal to the Lyndon family on Grandmother Lyndon’s birthday!” Ashton looked at Lily affectionately.