The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1099

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1099 – Lord Kenny Bred shook his head and bitterly smiled. “I’m fine, Dear. I won’t follow you to the World Universe, since Darryl is there. H-he…will take good care of you. Dear, don’t worry about me. His Majesty still relies on me for many things, so he can’t do much harm to me.”

Lord Kenny then let out a long sigh as he bore through the pain in his heart and said to Ambrose, “Ambrose, I won’t be by your side in the future. You have to be a good boy and protect your mother when you grow up. Do you understand?”

“Hmm!” Ambrose looked at Lord Kenny with his small face and nodded.

Although Ambrose was still young, he realized something at that moment and hugged Lord Kenny’s leg while saying, “Father Emperor, come with us. I still want you to buy candy for me.”


Lord Kenny could no longer hold back his own emotions upon hearing those words as his tears fell.

The next second, he bent down with his tear-soaked face with a smile and said,” Ambrose, when you go back to the World Universe and meet your real father, he’ll buy candies for you…”

‘Real father?’ Ambrose was confused at those words.

At that moment, Lord Kenny said no more as he stood up and yelled toward the guards outside, “Get Tyler Gill here!”

Not long after, Tyler quickly approached and respectfully said, “Lord Kenny, how may l assist you?”

Tyler was Lord Kenny’s confidante-the person he trusted most.

Lord Kenny’s voice was hoarse as he said, “Tyler, I order you starting from now to protect Monica and Ambrose. Lead them back to the World Universe until they meet with Darryl Darby. There can’t be any mistakes!”

‘What?’ Tyler shuddered and was completely stunned.

‘Lord Kenny cared a lot for Monica. Why will he want to send her back to be with Darryl Darby? W-what’s going on?’

As that thought crossed his mind, he noticed Lord Kenny’s miserable expression and dared not ask much. He responded with a fist-palm salute, “Lord Kenny, don’t worry, I’ll do my very best.”

Lord Kenny nodded then smiled at Monica. “Dear, please take Ambrose and leave before His Majesty sends someone over to check.” He then turned and left as his tears kept falling.

What was the point of being a lord at that moment? He could not even protect his own woman.

“Lord Kenny…” At that moment, Monica was sobbing as well. She looked at him and said, “Take care, Lord Kenny, Take care…”

Ambrose was affected by the farewell and started crying. “Father Emperor, I don’t want to leave you…”

Lord Kenny did not respond nor did he turn around.

He was afraid he would miss them even more if he turned around.

Tyler soon led Monica and Ambrose out. The trio left from Guang Ping Palace’s backdoor.

At that instant, Lord Kenny fiercely turned around upon hearing their footsteps gradually getting further away from him while he sobbed uncontrollably.

‘Dear! Ambrose! Please take good care of yourselves!’


On the other side at Florian Darby’s mansion.

In the hall, Florian and Yumi were sitting there with their completely stunned expressions.

A servant was kneeling before them.

“Master Darby, I was at Guang Ping Palace’s entrance just now and noticed Monica and her son left Guang Ping Palace. It seems that they are heading to the World Universe,” said the servant softly. The servant had been following Florian for a few years and knew Florian hated Darryl.

“What did you say?” Yumi’s pretty face was fuming with rage. “Everyone knew the Emperor just gave an order for Lord Kenny to execute that btch, but Lord Kenny returned home and secretly let that btch and her bstard son go?”

She was unspeakably seething with rage and hatred inside as she said that.

This was bad! She took so much effort to set her up and in the end, Darryl’s woman was still fine. What Yumi had not expected was that Lord Kenny loved Monica so much that he would rather go against imperial orders than k**l her. Monica was just a btch. What had she done to make the Lord treat her so well?

The servant respectfully replied, “Mistress, I’m not wrong. The person that was sending Monica and her son is Lord Kenny’s personal bodyguard, Tyler Gill!”

Yumi felt gloomy and disheartened upon hearing that.

“Honey, why are you so angry?” At that moment, Florian smiled and comforted, “It’s easy to deal with the mother and son. Previously, they were staying at Guang Ping Palace, so it was hard to take action. However, the journey from here back to the World Universe is long. All we need to do is send some people to k**l them midway.”

Florian’s eyes flashed hints of cruelty as he said that. “Tyler’s the only person guarding that mother and son. He might be powerful, but won’t be able to win against many opponents, right?”

Yumi’s eyes brightened before pouting and rolling her eyes at him. “Look at you trying to be smart, but this is a good plan.”

Yumi suddenly thought of something and teased Florian, “Florian, that woman aside- that child is Darry\’s son who has the Darby family bloodline and should be calling you Uncle. Are you sure you’re willing to be so cruel to him?”


Florian could not help but sneer. “Previously, I had long cut ties with the Darbys when I was being chased after by all the sects at the Wishing Star Tower battle. My relationship with Darryl was long gone, hence I don’t mind k*****g his son as long as you’re happy!”

Yumi nodded in satisfaction when she heard that. “You know what I like to hear!”

Florian soon instructed his confidante to bring some men and k**l the duo-Monica and her son-midway through their journey.

At that instant, Yumi’s smile could not conceal the viciousness in her heart.

‘Darryl, I was humiliated by Donoghue Dixon because of you. Now, I’m going to k**l your woman and child. Consider this an eye for an eye.”


On the mountain road outskirts of the Royal City.

Monica held onto Ambrose’s hand under Tyler’s protection as they walked in silence.

Throughout the journey, Monica was extremely miserable as she initially thought she would be extremely excited on the day she left this place. However, she had not expected that she would be so unwilling to leave.

At that moment, Monica felt extremely guilty toward Lord Kenny who treated her well. However, she constantly caused him trouble.

Ambrose cried along the way as well. He grew up in Guang Ping Palace and had never traveled far. On top of that, leaving Lord Kenny whom he loved was a huge blow for such a young child like him.