The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1089

Read The Ultimate Husband by Skykissing wolf Chapter 1089 – The guard captain sighed before sympathetically looking at Ambrose.

At that moment, Ambrose haD passed out and was already badly injured from being dragged on by the p****n carriage with his body on the ground. However, Lady Denise did not plan to let him off. The guard captain could only shake his head and not look at Ambrose.

Monica was completely heartbroken in the p****n carriage! No mother can stand seeing her child being dragged on the ground!

However, the crowd still threw cabbage and pebbles non-stop at Monica.

“This b*tch! Stop parading her and just hang her already!”

“Yes, hang her to d***h!”

“Hang her!”

Someone started and soon everyone followed suit in a blink of an eye. They yelled out loud while looking at Monica with deep hatred in their eyes.

Monica did not bother with the surrounding screams. She tried turning her head as much as possible to look at her son behind the p****n carriage. She was utterly miserable with her tear-filled eyes and could not bear to continue watching Ambrose. She then lifted her head and looked far ahead only to tremble from what she saw. At the end of the street, a high wooden beam was erected with a hemp rope hung on the beam.

It was obvious the parade would be over when they reached the wooden beam.

Monica’s final judgment was to be hanged to d***h there.

‘No! I cannot d*e! I cannot d*e! I haven’t reunited with Darryl! We haven’t brought our child up together! I cannot d*e like that…”

Monica kept struggling and trying to break free. However, the cold metal chains locked her tight and rendered her struggles futile.


In the Investigation Bureau on the other side of Royal City.

Lord Kenny Bred was sitting at his table with a thick stack of files in front.

Ever since the enchanted barrier between the Nine Mainland disappeared, the mainlands began trading with each other. The New World was prepared to import some technological products and the New World Emperor handed these matters over for Lord Kenny Bred to handle.

Under such circumstances, Lord Kenny Bred did not have a good rest for the past two months. Especially the past two weeks, he rarely had time to return to Guang Ping Palace as he had too many matters to handle.

At the moment, Lord Kenny Bred laid on the table and was planning to close his eyes for a short rest when he heard loud commotions coming from the streets outside. It was very noisy.

Annoyed by the noise, he shouted outside for someone. “Men!”

At his yells, a personal guard quickly entered and respectfully said, “Lord Kenny Bred, how may I help you?”

“Why is it so noisy outside? What’s happening?” Lord Kenny Bred frowned and asked irritatedly.

The guard shook his head with a blank face and said,”I don’t know. Let me go and have a look!” He then immediately exited.

Not long after, he anxiously came running back.

“Something bad happened!” The guard wiped off his sweaty forehead upon arriving in the hall. “Lord Kenny Bred, Mistress has been locked up in a p****n carriage currently being paraded. T-they want to h-hang her as well.”

He naturally knew of Monica Vaughn as Lord Kenny Bred’s bodyguard.


Lord Kenny Bred was so shocked that he immediately stood up and rushed out without saying anything.

“My beloved is being locked up in a p****n carriage going to be hanged?

What on earth happened?’ At the same moment, on Monica’s side.

“Hang her!”

“Hang her!”

Under the angry screams of the crowd, the p****n carriage slowly approached the wooden beam.